Watch rocket near-miss of bus carrying Golan Heights school kids

Ninth grader traveling on the bus says there was smoke and fire on both sides of the road, says she had never seen such a strike; Hezbollah claims barrage is in response to Israeli attack on Baalbek and targeting of senior commander in south Lebanon

Hezbollah launched a barrage of some 50 rockets towards the Golan Heights on Monday targeting a large military base. One rocket barely missed a bus carrying local school kids to their afternoon activities.
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The Lebanese terror group said the strike was in response to an Israeli attack on the city of Baalebek some 100 kilometers from the Israel-Lebanon border, in the Beqaa Valley. Israel also killed a brigade commander of the Hezbollah in a strike on south Lebanon. A senior member of Hezbollah said attacks on Israel would increase and expand in response to the strikes
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נפילות ברמת הגולן
נפילות ברמת הגולן
Hezbollah fires 50 rockets at Golan Heights
Hassan Hussein Salami commanded Hezbollah forces in the eastern sector of the border and was responsible for a number of attacks against civilian and military targets in northern Israel, the IDF said.
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תקיפות מערבית לבעלבכ
תקיפות מערבית לבעלבכ
IDF strike on the Lebanon city of Baalbek in the Beqaa Valley
In a statement the Iran-backed terror group said it fired 60 rockets at Israel, attempting to hit the military's regional command. Israeli defenses intercepted some of the rockets while others mostly fell in open areas although at least one rocket hit an "Israeli instillation," according to the military.
Ninth-grade pupil May Agai, a resident of Kibbutz Ortal on the Golan Heights told Ynet wshe was on the bus when they realized our Kibbutz was under attack. "We called our parents and heard the explosions, while more explosions were around us and there was smoke and fire on both sides of the road. The driver stopped and we quickly got off the bus," she said. It was very scary. Although we sometimes hear sirens, I've never seen anything like this."
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