Paris NGOs file complaint against Israeli-French national for alleged torturing of Palestinians

Pro-Palestinian organizations demand prosecution to look into a video in which the IDF soldier is allegedly taunting Palestinian detainees during his service in Gaza

A complaint has been filed in Paris against a French-Israeli national serving as an IDF soldier, alleging his involvement in the abuse of Palestinians in Gaza during the war.
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לוחמי צה"ל בקרב בסג'עייה בלב רצועת עזה
לוחמי צה"ל בקרב בסג'עייה בלב רצועת עזה
Terrorists detained in Gaza
(Photo: Gil Yochanan)
According to the report, three French organizations - the Association of Palestinians of France, the organization Justice and Rights Without Borders, and the March 30 Movement - filed the complaint. In the charges, they claim the soldier was involved in torture as part of a "genocidal military attack.”
According to the organizations, their complaint is based on a video allegedly filmed by the same French-Israeli citizen, which was shared on social media in February by a source close to him. The video shows Palestinian detainees, with one of them seen with his hands tied behind his back. "They tortured him to make him talk. Did you see his back?” the soldier is heard saying.
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תיעוד: פשיטת כוחות גבעתי בשכונת אל אמל בחאן יונס
תיעוד: פשיטת כוחות גבעתי בשכונת אל אמל בחאן יונס
IDF soldiers in Khan Younis
(Photo: IDF Spokesperson's Unit)
Other Palestinian detainees are seen in the video sitting with their eyes blindfolded, and the French-Israeli soldier is heard allegedly saying, "Shut your mouths, bunch of b*tches. You were happy on October 7, bunch of sons of wh*res."
The organizations demand the French prosecution to launch an investigation into the matter. Their lawyer, Gilles Devers, said he believes there’s ground for filing the complaint. "We want to know if this Frenchman, who is in Israeli uniform, has not committed crimes of torture, as perpetrator or accomplice, or crimes of mistreatment". Devers said. According to the lawyer, "the lack of reaction from the prosecutors would pose a serious problem."
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