A call: Help release the Israeli captives

Opinion: While Israel and the West do the best they can to release Israeli civilians held in Gaza, residents of Arab countries can help by joining the call
Yishai Sarid|
I want to talk about the hostages kidnapped from Israel to Gaza. This is the most urgent thing for me right now. About a hundred and fifty people were taken, maybe more, no one knows exactly. Babies. Children. Women and men. Elderly people and their caregivers. They were all dragged out of their homes on Saturday at gunpoint and kidnapped to Gaza.

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The lives of the victims slaughtered in this sadistic murder attack can no longer be saved. However, the kidnapped, at least some of them, are still alive. I am specifically addressing the readers who do not like Israel. Even those who really hate her. You, who may have some influence on the kidnappers. Exercise it to save lives.
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הפגנת משפחות החטופים והשבויים כשביידן יגיע ברחוב קפלן, תל אביב
הפגנת משפחות החטופים והשבויים כשביידן יגיע ברחוב קפלן, תל אביב
Abductees' families hold protest in Tel Aviv
(Photo: Ido Erez)
I am sure you are appalled by the kidnap of babies from their cradles. Of Mothers. Of Elderly people in wheelchairs. Children. Innocent partygoers. I have no doubt you object with all your heart to the abduction and rape of women.
All these terrible acts were committed last Saturday in Israeli villages by armed and hateful men who came from Gaza. I am sure you detest such behavior, even if you don't like Israel. You understand that people who act like this are not freedom fighters but sadists. Maybe one of you who can influence even indirectly, from a distance, maybe you know someone who can help.
It is enough for you to raise a cry, and express your opinion that such behavior is intolerable under any circumstances. Talk to your governments. Maybe that can save somebody's life. I want to tell you, for example, about Vivian Silver. She is 74 years old and lives in Kibbutz Be'eri near the Gaza border. About 120 civilians, entire families, were murdered there on Saturday.
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החורבן בקיבוץ בארי
החורבן בקיבוץ בארי
Home in Kibbutz Be'eri after Hamas' attack
(Photo: Gadi Kablo)
Since then, Vivian is missing and was probably kidnapped to Gaza. She is a prominent activist for peace and human rights and a founder of the Women Rage Peace organization. For many years, she initiated and led civil projects to bring Arabs and Jews closer together, worked for the rights of Palestinian workers, and mobilized humanitarian aid for the residents of Gaza.
ישי שרידYishai SaridPhoto: Orel Cohen
She worked tirelessly for peace even during the most difficult times when rockets and mortars were fired at her village from the Gaza Strip.
But to the criminals who kidnapped her and their leaders, it doesn't matter. They are not interested in peace or coexistence. The thought of her and the other hostages breaks my heart. Raise your voices. Use your influence. Help rescue innocent human lives.
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  • Yishai Sarid is a famous Israeli writer and novelist who published seven books and won several literary awards for his work.
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