Jewish German-Russian national jailed in Moscow for treason

Moyzhes was arrested in St. Petersburg where he is currently living and transported to a prison facility run by the Russian secret police

Zeev Avrami|
A Jewish German-Russian national was arrested in St. Petersburg by Russian secret service agents, the government in Berlin confirmed late on Monday. The German embassy in Moscow was in contact with his family.
German Moyzhes was detained last week on suspicion of treason and transported to a Moscow jail while his apartment was searched. Russian authorities had no comment and did not provide a reason for his arrest.
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גרמן מויזס (מרדכי הרצל)
גרמן מויזס (מרדכי הרצל)
German Moyzhes
(Photo: X)
Moyzhes , an attorney, was born in Russia and moved with his family to Germany in 1995. He recently moved to St. Petersburg where he maintained close ties with the local Jewish community. He also had ties with the municipality and was active in assisting Russian exiles who had moved to Germany.
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נשיא רוסיה פוטין בביקור ב אוזבקיסטן
נשיא רוסיה פוטין בביקור ב אוזבקיסטן
Vladimir Putin
(Photo: Sergei Bobylev, Sputnik/ AP)
Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine and Germany's support for the government in Kyiv, Russia has regarded dual citizens as Russian and has therefore prevented consular visits to prisoners by foreign governments.
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