Latin American countries cut ties with Israel due to Gaza war

Foreign Ministry officials assert they were not surprised by Bolivia's decision to cut ties and the recall of the ambassadors of Chile and Colombia and they are hopeful that other countries will not follow suit; On the other hand, there are expressions of support from other countries on the continent

Bolivia announced on Tuesday that it would cut diplomatic ties with Israel, and the ambassadors of Chile and Colombia have been recalled from Israel for consultations before taking further steps.
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The Foreign Ministry claims it was not surprised by these decisions; however, it is concurrently working to ensure that other countries do not follow suit. According to assessments, Nicaragua, considered more extremist, is also expected to announce that it will break ties with Israel. "Our disagreements are primarily with the leadership, not the populations – there, we receive support," said Yoni Peled, deputy director of Latin American Countries at the Foreign Ministry.
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סנאטור הברזילאי מגנו מלטה לובש חולצה עם דגל ישראל מאז ה 7.10
סנאטור הברזילאי מגנו מלטה לובש חולצה עם דגל ישראל מאז ה 7.10
Brazilian Senator Magno Malta has been wearing a shirt with an Israeli flag since October 7
Indeed, in other parts of the continent, we witnessed widespread demonstrations of support during the days of war, both from the public and their representatives. Guatemala's foreign minister delivered an impassioned pro-Israel speech at a UN assembly.
In Brazil, various senators rallied and held images of the hostages held by Hamas in Congress, organizing substantial support protests. Senator Magno Malta personally joined a demonstration of support and proudly donned an Israeli flag after the October 7 attack. In Mexico, evangelicals organized support rallies, while in Paraguay, support rallies and illuminations of buildings with the colors of the Israeli flag took place. Even in Argentina, a staunch supporter of Israel, massive exhibitions and buildings were illuminated in blue and white.
Bolivia's government announced it would cut diplomatic relations with Israel following its condemnation of the Palestinian casualties in Gaza, while conspicuously ignoring the tragic events on October 7 when at least 1,400 Israelis were killed and 240 were taken hostage by Hamas. Deputy Foreign Minister of Bolivia, Freddy Mamani, stated during a press conference that "Bolivia has decided to cut diplomatic ties with the state of Israel due to the aggressive and disproportionate Israeli military offensive taking place in the Gaza Strip."
In Chile, President Gabriel Boric said that the recall of his country's ambassador is for consultations, following Israel's" violation of international humanitarian law in Gaza." According to Boric, "Chile strongly condemns these military actions and views them with concern." Boric also accused Israel of committing a "massacre." Similar to Bolivia, Chile did not mention the Hamas attack on Israel.
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