In this election campaign, Israeli public must demand receipts from politicians

Opinion: As November 1 ballot approaches, it's time to ask those who are courting our votes to acknowledge the social welfare crisis Israel is facing, and offer concrete plans of action and solutions

Hadar Gil-Ad|
With only three months to go until yet another national ballot, the election campaign is in full swing.
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  • First waves of propaganda campaigns have already hit social media networks, while news studios have filled up to the brim with politicians, selling their parties in well-crafted speeches. But one thing is still missing from the election discourse - the Israeli people.
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    קלפי באיכילוב
    קלפי באיכילוב
    Ballot boxes at Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center
    (Motti Kimchi)
    The recent, years-long political deadlock has stunted our ability to prosper. We're either standing in place or moving backwards, but certainly not forward. Coalition governments fall apart in record-breaking time, which isn't enough to make any significant changes.
    It's a shame, because there are so many crises that need to be addressed, some of which have been on hold for years and are in desperate need of legislation and allocation of budgets.
    Prices continue to rise and highlight the need for a functioning government now more than ever. There is dire need for a sturdy social welfare system to help those who are suffering from the current financial crises, those who won't be able to keep their head above water much longer.
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    חלב, חשמל ודלק יתייקרו
    חלב, חשמל ודלק יתייקרו
    Prices of goods and commodities on the rise
    (Photo: Shutterstock, Yariv Katz)
    The youth from low socioeconomic sectors of the population are calling for equal opportunities. An entire generation has been raised with a glass ceiling above its head, unable to hope for an improved reality and a better future. Second and third generations being born into a cycle of poverty, violence and pain. They need to be given hope.
    More so, budgets and legislation are necessary in order to fight domestic and criminal violence, to create deterrence, provide help, ensure safety, and grant justice to those who have suffered. An increase in wages is vital for social welfare workers, the same ones who devote their lives to laying out the social foundations of this state. At this rate, within two years there will be no one left to take care of our parents or our children.
    Teacher and caretaker also deserve better pay, while the education system needs to be reinforced.
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    בנימין נתניהו יאיר לפיד
    בנימין נתניהו יאיר לפיד
    Yair Lapid and Benjamin Netanyahu casting their votes in previous elections
    (Photo: Likud spokesperson, Oz Mualem)
    Reforms are needed to build a stronger, safer, more equal society. This should be the main focus of the current election campaigns and we must demand it from whoever who wants our votes.
    While we can go on blaming the political actors for the shallow discourse, which continuously fails to focus on the most important issues, we are also to blame, and now is our time to correct the course.
    Enough with the empty slogans, the insults, the incitement, and the personalization.
    When people arrive at a job interview, they have to showcase their capabilities, accomplishments, impressive resumes, experience, recommendations - to prove their potential and explain why they deserve the job. Politicians are no different.
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    מחאת יוקר המחיה בבימה, תל אביב
    מחאת יוקר המחיה בבימה, תל אביב
    A rally against the raising cost of living in Tel Aviv
    (Photo: Motti Kimchi)
    Now is the time to demand to see resumes, to test the resolve of those that call on us to vote for them, and to ask them - how have they used their power to improve things up until today?
    We must ask ourselves what these elections must revolve around. If the reality is that we're getting dragged into another political disaster at the expense of our welfare, then we need to demand answers.
    We need campaigns based less on inciting rhetoric, and more on plans of action and solutions. Enough taking care only of yourselves, it's time to take care of the public.
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