Belgium confirms Hamas operating within its borders through shell companies

Belgian Justice Minister confirms 'Hamas' activity in country focuses on lobbying and fundraising'; Jewish MP Michael Freilich criticizes government's lack of response

Jewish Belgian member of Parliament Michael Freilich, of the New Flemish Alliance party, sent an inquiry regarding the activities of the terrorist organization Hamas in the country.
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In response to the inquiry, Belgian Justice Minister Paul Van Tigchelt confirmed that Hamas is active in Belgium through a network of shell companies and engages in fundraising activities that ultimately channel funds to Hamas under the pretense of humanitarian aid for Palestinians.
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בבריסל, בלגיה הפגנה פרו פלסטינית נגד ישראל חרבות ברזל
בבריסל, בלגיה הפגנה פרו פלסטינית נגד ישראל חרבות ברזל
Pro-Palestinian protest in Belgium
In his inquiry, the MP Freilich asked: "How is it possible that they can work in Belgium? And can our country intervene?" He wondered how the terror organization operates in Belgium through shell companies under the guise of support for the Palestinian cause while promoting the image of Hamas.
After the justice minister confirmed that "Hamas' activity in Belgium focuses on lobbying and fundraising," Freilich demanded the funds be frozen and the activities of the terror organization in Belgium be stopped.
Freilich found that a non-profit EUPAC organization, which supposedly deals with the musical, cultural and athletic development of youth, is headed by three Palestinians, but claims to focus on Morocco.
He noted in his letter to the minister that a Palestinian leader in Belgium named Al-Zeer is linked to Hamas leadership and organizes Hamas activities in several European countries. He was seen twice alongside Hamas leaders, Khaled Mashal in 2008 and Ismail Haniyeh in 2015.
EUPAC vaguely formulates its goals as aiming to “work to invest in the importance of the geo-strategic position of the Middle East region” as part of the Palestinian “toward liberation from occupation.” This is done through meetings with high-ranking European officials, as well as seminars, campaigns, workshops and more.
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