Palestinian throwing firebombs in West Bank killed by Israeli fire

The military says 18-year-old Badawi Masalmeh, along with 3 other suspects, was hurling explosive devices at vehicles near Israeli settlements in the Har Hebron area

Reuters, Ynet|
The Palestinian Health Ministry said a teenager had been shot dead by IDF forces after he apparently threw firebombs at Israeli vehicles near in the southern part of the West Bank on Saturday.
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  • The ministry identified the youth as Badawi Masalmeh, 18, adding that Israeli soldiers took his body.
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    בדווי מסאלמה
    בדווי מסאלמה
    Badawi Masalmeh
    The military said the troops were carrying out operations near Israeli settlements located near Har Hebron area of the West Bank, to prevent militant attacks when they saw three Palestinians throwing petrol bombs at an Israeli car travelling on a nearby road.
    The troops then opened fire and saw that one suspect had been hit, the military said in a statement. The two other suspects were taken into custody for questioning.
    Palestinian officials made no immediate comment about the incident which took place near the village Beit Awwa.
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    זירת האירוע בבית עווא
    זירת האירוע בבית עווא
    Footage from the incident near near the village Beit Awwa
    The Health Ministry provided no further details.
    "We congratulate the IDF troops their dedicated and determined actions meant to preserve the security of our residents,” said the head of the Har Hevron Regional Council, Yochay Damri.
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