EU-Israel council to hold first meeting in a decade

PM Lapid to discuss trade, climate change, energy, science and technology, culture with EU foreign policy chief Joseph Borrell as EU seeking to reset ties with Israel after ousting of right-wing leader Benjamin Netanyahu after 12 years in power
The European Union said Thursday it will hold the first meeting of its Association Council with Israel in 10 years next week, as it looks to reset ties.
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  • Prime Minister Yair Lapid will hold talks with EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell in Belgium on October 3 "against the backdrop of global challenges such as Russia's military aggression against Ukraine,” the EU said.
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    לפיד ושר החוץ של האיחוד האירופי, ג'וזף בורל
    לפיד ושר החוץ של האיחוד האירופי, ג'וזף בורל
    Prime Minister Yair Lapid and EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell
    (Photo: AFP)
    "The discussion will focus on issues such as trade, climate change, energy, science and technology, culture," it added.
    Talks would also engage in "the respect for human rights and democratic principles, freedom of religion as well as the fight against antisemitism.”
    Meetings of the council have been frozen for a decade since Israel ditched them over the EU's opposition to expanding settlements in the West Bank.
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    דגל האיחוד האירופי
    דגל האיחוד האירופי
    European Union flag
    (Photo: Reuters)
    The EU has been pushing for a "fresh start" with Israel since right-wing leader Benjamin Netanyahu was ousted from office in 2021 after 12 years in charge.
    Borrell earlier said he "warmly" welcomed centrist Lapid's support for a two-state solution with the Palestinians at this month's United Nations General Assembly.
    His bloc urged that it hoped to "build on the momentum" at the upcoming meeting.
    The EU's 27 nations often struggle to find a common approach to the Israel-Palestinian conflict, with some backing Israel and others closer to the Palestinians.
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