Iranian hackers leak Mossad chief’s medical records

Leak comes day before Israeli spy chief David Barnea travels to Washington for a series of meetings with high-level officials revolving the Iran nuclear threat

Itamar Eichner, Yuval Mann|
A group of Iranian-linked hackers leaked on Sunday images and medical documents purportedly belonging to Mossad Director David (Dedi) Barnea.
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  • The hacker group posted to its Telegram channel in the morning hours a photo of the Israeli spy chief that was apparently taken during the 2016 U23 European Judo Championships which took place in Tel Aviv.
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    דוד ברנע
    דוד ברנע
    A personal photo from 2016 of Mossad Director David Barnea leaked by Iranian hackers
    The image was accompanied by an ominous caption saying, "Dedi, are you ready for the next tip?", which may indicate that more files with connection to Barnea may be leaked soon.
    Barnea is scheduled to travel to the United States on Monday where he is scheduled to meet with senior White House officials, as well as with the CIA, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the Pentagon, the State Department as well as other agencies.
    The Mossad head's trip to the United States will focus on tightening security and intelligence coordination with the Americans around the Iranian nuclear issue and amid reports that a potential return to the 2015 nuclear agreement is moving farther away.
    Later on Sunday, the group posted the results of a medical examination supposedly conducted for Barnea in 2018. The document included the results of a cardiac examination as well as hearing and eye tests.
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    חלק מהפרטים שהודלפו
    חלק מהפרטים שהודלפו
    A snippet from a medical document leaked by Iranian hackers supposedly belonging to Barnea
    Another document leaked by the hackers features the results of a blood test supposedly belonging to Barnea.
    Last week, the same hackers published an apparent photo from a dental appointment with a caption mocking Barnea's dental hygiene habits.
    Earlier this year, the group leaked a trove of personal documents belonging to Barnea, including his ID. Israeli officials the materials were obtained from his wife’s cellphone.
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