Soldier hurt in West Bank, to be married next week

Twenty-two years after suffering a severe injury in a terror attack the father of one of the soldiers injured in Tulkarm tells Ynet of his son's close call after suffering from shrapnel wounds
Eitan Glickman, Israel Moskovitz|

The explosion in Tulkarm
One of the five IDF soldiers injured in the incident in Tulkarm on Thursday, surprisingly, set to tie the knot in just a week. "We've had a great miracle, and we're praying he'll make it to his wedding," his father told Ynet.
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"At 7:30 in the morning, I received a call from my son. He asked me how I was doing. Immediately, I realized that something had happened to him. Why would he call me in the morning to ask how I was doing? Thank God, his condition is not serious. He was wounded by shrapnel in his lower extremities and there's another fragment near his left eye."
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אביו של הפצוע ש׳
אביו של הפצוע ש׳
The father of the injured IDF soldier
(Photo: Eitan Glickman)
The father said he had a hard time controlling his emotions when members of the force came to take him to the hospital to see his son.
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חילופי אש בין כוחות הביטחון למחבלים בטול כרם
חילופי אש בין כוחות הביטחון למחבלים בטול כרם
The Tulkarm incident
Twenty-two years ago, the father was a victim of a terror attack in Beit Shean and suffered critical wounds which left him with a 95% disability.
"Terrorists entered our Likud Party branch - six were killed, and another 30 were injured," he said. "I spent three years in the hospital in critical condition. Even my brother was injured 40 years ago in the First Lebanon War. I simply thank God; we've experienced a great miracle that my son is still with us, and we pray that he will make it to his wedding."
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