Education Minister Yoav Galant

Education Minister presents education system coronavirus outline

Ministry's outline would see kindergartners and children in grades 1-2 study with no adjustments, children in grade 3-4 will study in groups on no more than 18, grade 5-12 will attend school 2 days a week, the rest remote studying at home

Sivan Hilaie |
Published: 08.06.20 , 20:48
Education Minister Yoav Galant on Thursday presented the ministry's plan for the resumption of Israel's education system, in line with coronavirus guidelines.
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  • Galant said that the plan will focus on creating smaller classrooms and learning from home when and as much as possible.
    שר החינוך יואב גלנטשר החינוך יואב גלנט
    Education Minister Yoav Galant
    (Photo: Moti Kimchi)
    "Learning will be done from home or in classrooms of 18 students," Galant said.
    "We've set guidelines, but we want the process to be as flexible as possible in order for special populations to be able to receive special treatment."
    According to the plan, kindergartners as well as first and second-grade students will continue to study in their regularly assigned classrooms without major adjustments.
    Students in grades 3-4 will be studying in groups of no more than 18 children.
    חזרה ללימודים בבית הספר גבריאלי בתל אביבחזרה ללימודים בבית הספר גבריאלי בתל אביב
    Children in an elementary school classroom in Tel Aviv
    (Photo: Moti Kimchi)
    Grades 5-12 will switch to remote studies, with children physically attending school only twice a week.
    Galant said the government is working on the infrastructure and logistics needed to reach the goal of 50% of Israel's students learning from home by the end of January 2021, which will require providing computers and smartphones to many households that don't currently have them.
    "We will maintain this system throughout the school year unless a vaccine is developed earlier or God forbid, we go into lockdown," Galant added.

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