Rafah operation pushed back, Israel could soon respond to Iran attack, reports say

Sources reveal Air Force was set to drop leaflets over Rafah, indicating readiness for operations, but plans postponed; Israeli official tells CNN, 'Israel is determined to carry out ground operation' but timing unclear

Israel could “soon respond to Iran’s Saturday attack,” the Wall Street Journal reported on Monday, citing three Western officials.
Meanwhile, CNN reported, citing two Israeli sources, that Israel was set to take its first steps toward a ground offensive in Rafah this week, but has delayed those plans as it mulls a response to Iran’s attack.
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was trying to arrange briefing meetings with opposition leaders, including Opposition Leader Yair Lapid, Gideon Sa'ar and Avigdor Liberman. This development unfolds amid discussions about Israel's response to Iran's missile attack in the Security Cabinet, which has adjourned and is expected to reconvene Tuesday.
The Iranian offensive peaked with the interception of hundreds of drones and dozens of missiles, including ballistic ones, leading to reported operational delays in Rafah. Currently, Rafah is home to over one million displaced Palestinians, evacuated from various regions of the Gaza Strip since the war began on October 7.
Sources indicated that the Air Force was prepared to drop leaflets over Rafah Tuesday, suggesting operations were ready to go ahead but have been postponed instead. An Israeli official clarified to CNN that "Israel remains determined to conduct a ground operation in Rafah, though the timing of civilian evacuations and the impending ground attack is still uncertain at this moment." The IDF has declined to comment on the report.
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