Israel ranks 3rd in the world for virus deaths per capita

Oxford University data shows only Argentina and Guam recorded higher fatality rate per capita over past week; according to Worldmeter, Israel has 183 deaths per capita, while the global average stands at 133.2 deaths per million people

Yaron Druckman|
Over the past week, Israel had the third-highest coronavirus deaths per capita, according to data published by Oxford University.
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  • The data shows the only two other countries that recorded a higher death rate per capita over the last week were Argentina and Guam, a U.S. island territory in Micronesia.
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    מחלקת קורונה שיבא תל השומר
    מחלקת קורונה שיבא תל השומר
    Sheba Medical Center's coronavirus ward
    (Photo: AP)
    Israel has seen a massive resurgence of the disease over the past few weeks, with the daily toll of new COVID-19 cases reaching over 9,000 a day, prompting the government to impose a second nationwide lockdown.
    The Oxford University findings confirm an earlier report by the IDF's Intelligence Directorate, which said that over the past few days virus deaths per capita in the country have been among the world's highest.
    Since the start of September, 747 coronavirus deaths were recorded, an average of 20 deaths per day. On Thursday, Israel reported its highest single-day death tally since the start of the outbreak, with 44 fatalities.
    Since the start of the pandemic, 1,692 Israelis have succumbed to the disease. At least 57% of the victims were over the age of 80, 25% aged 70-79 and less than 1% under the age of 39.
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    יום כיפור בצל הקורונה בשוק מחנה יהודה
    יום כיפור בצל הקורונה בשוק מחנה יהודה
    Jerusalem's Mahane Yehuda Market during the coronavirus lockdown
    (Photo: EPA)
    According to Worldmeters, a reference website that provides counters and real-time statistics for diverse topics, Israel is ranked 45th globally in coronavirus deaths per capita since the start of the pandemic, with 183 fatalities per one million people.
    The global average stands at 133.2 virus deaths per million people.
    On September 13, when Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu boasted that Israel has a low virus fatality rate, even though the country's average stood at 120 deaths per million, while the global average was 118.9 deaths per million.
    This means that while the world has seen a rise of 12% in coronavirus deaths per capita over the past weeks, Israel has seen a spike of over 52.5%.
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    מעבדות לבדיקת קורונה של צה"ל
    מעבדות לבדיקת קורונה של צה"ל
    An IDF coronavirus testing facility in Tel Aviv
    (Photo: AFP)
    However, Israel's death rate compared to the overall number of patients stands at 0.64%, compared to 2.96% globally. This means 1 out of 157 who become infected with the pathogen dies.
    Italy for example, which managed to drastically lower the number of newly-infected, still has an average death rate of 11.14%. This is mostly due to the initial, mass infection wave that hit the country back in March and April.
    The average death rate in the UK stands at 8.29%, 8.08% in Belgium, 5.28% in France, 4.89% in The Netherlands and 2.64% in Argentina.
    The countries that boast a lower average death rate than Israel are Jordan with 0.6%, Kuwait with 0.58%, Slovakia with 0.44%, Bahrain with 0.36%, Qatar with 0.17% and Singapore with 0.05%.
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