Hamburg college student and his 'pop-Islamist' followers want to establish a caliphate in Germany

German intelligence is monitoring an extreme organization led by Raheem Boateng, 26, who opposes Israel and advocates for the establishment of a Muslim caliphate; He has attracted tens of thousands of Western followers online

Zeev Avrahami, Berlin|
At just 26 years old, Raheem Boateng is already the intellectual leader of a radical Muslim group in Hamburg that greatly concerns the German security authorities. Since the beginning of the Gaza war, Boateng and his group's influence have been steadily increasing. They have hundreds of active followers who attend conferences and lectures, supporting the idea of ​​establishing an Islamic caliphate in Germany.
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גרמניה רחים בואטנג מטיף איסלאמיסטי
גרמניה רחים בואטנג מטיף איסלאמיסטי
Raheem Boateng
Officials who are monitoring the group refer to its followers as "pop-Islamists," indicating they are seemingly ordinary Germans navigating their way confidently through social media landscapes, dressing in modern Western style, are familiar with every word in the hip-hop scene, and drive sports cars.
The Federal Criminal Intelligence Service (BKA in German) and Hamburg's security services claim that this organization is the face of Hizb ut-Tahrir, an organization whose activities have been banned in Germany since 2003. Boateng, who converted to Islam in 2015, has recently increased his exposure on social media, exploiting the month of Ramadan to showcase its importance to his viewers on YouTube and Instagram, along with his messages of hatred and incitement against Israel.
According to an officer in the Hamburg police, the local police are aware of the group's meetings and the content presented in them, including the anti-Israel rhetoric. However, the police's hands are tied because Boateng's organization is not operating outside the law.
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גרמניה רחים בואטנג מטיף איסלאמיסטי
גרמניה רחים בואטנג מטיף איסלאמיסטי
Raheem Boateng in one of his videos
Boateng is considered a magnet for young Islamists looking for direction in life. He is active on all social networks, especially on TikTok and Instagram, where their minds are being shaped, where he exploits his exposure to present himself as a Western German until he reveals the purpose of Islam and Sharia law.
According to German internal security, Boateng has tens of thousands of followers on social media, and the number of young people attending his weekly meetings has grown from dozens to hundreds since October 7. Surprisingly, according to officials, the majority of the guests attending the meetings are non-religious young people, who dress secularly.
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