Israel issues travel warning for Turkey after Istanbul attack

Security officials advise Israelis to avoid non-essential trips to country; Israelis in Istanbul urged to remain in their hotels until situation cleared up

Itamar Eichner|
Israeli security officials issued on Sunday a travel warning for Turkey following a suspected terror attack in Istanbul that left 6 people dead and another 81 wounded.
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  • Jerusalem urges Israelis who are already in Istanbul to stay in their hotels and follow Turkish law enforcement's instructions.
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    זירת הפיצוץ באיסטנבול
    זירת הפיצוץ באיסטנבול
    Security forces at the scene of the terror attack in Istanbul
    (Photo: Reuters)
    "The recommendation is to remain in their hotels until things are clear and listen to the recommendations and guidelines of the Turkish security forces," an official said.
    "The inquiry into the terror attack is ongoing, the Turkish security forces launched a manhunt to find the suspects."
    The Israeli National Security Council (NCS) issued a level 3 travel warning for Turkey, which is considered a medium threat level. Thus it is generally recommended to avoid non-essential trips to the country.
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    זירת הפיצוץ באיסטנבול
    זירת הפיצוץ באיסטנבול
    (Photo: AP)
    In addition, the NSC recommended to all Israelis in countries with a level 3 travel warning be on alert.
    The recommendations include notifying relatives of current whereabouts during the trip, avoiding sharing location on social media and staying away from demonstrations or gatherings. Israeli tourists were also advised to conceal their national identity and refrain from going into unidentified vehicles.
    Despite the travel warning, all the check-ins for flights to Turkey at the Ben Gurion Airport were full, and at least six flights were expected from Israel to Turkey on Sunday.
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