Israel, the global political punching bag that punches back

Opinion: It's a vicious cycle Israel is trapped in; First someone attacks us, then we respond decisively to ensure our own survival in a rough geopolitical neighborhood, then the world blames us for everything that just happened in a weak attempt to absolve themselves of their own failings

Oren Bar-Ner|
Some points to open things up with:
  • Israel is the ultimate political punching bag because you can take as hard a swing as you want, and nearly nobody will say a thing. Rather, they’ll probably jab right along.
  • Nearly every country that has come out against Israel is doing so primarily for political reasons.
  • When Israel doesn’t just lay down and die, but rightfully defends itself, it further serves the purpose of the anti-Israel countries, because it continues to distract from their own failings.
  • Israel must tune out the noise and do what it needs to do to survive.
  • We cannot afford to be pawns. We must be protective knights, indestructible castles, caring bishops, and kings and queens of our own destiny, lest our home be overrun by the forces of hell (sorry, got carried away by the chess analogy…).
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הדיון בהאג
הדיון בהאג
South Africa have their own problems but are happt blaming us with the ICJ
(Photo: Reuters, Piroschka van de Wouw)
If you are a rational human with even some awareness of geopolitics, even if you believe the heavily anti-Israel biased media and you are not a brainwashed supporter or member of Hamas, you have probably asked yourself why so much of the world is against Israel? It can’t all be because of deep-rooted antisemitism and radical Islamic beliefs?

The unbearable lightness of political convenience

My answer would be you are right. While Jew-hatred and the loathing of Israel and Jews taught to children around the Muslim world from birth play a big part, the truth is that Israel is, quite simply, the ultimate punching bag of political convenience, and even more so because we hit back hard to ensure our own survival. And when we do the world runs amok and turns all its focus on Israel, time and again.
What would the world do if we actually did sit down and allow ourselves to be erased from the map? Who would they point their collective fingers at? Truth is, the tougher our response, the more it serves the interests of the political vultures, because they can continue to divert awareness from their own ploys and machinations, and the fiascos going on in their own back yards.
Country after country trashes Israel to avert attention from their own failings or crimes, to appease their electorate, or for some other political objective. It is safe to say that without these political motives, most nations would probably, for the most part, sit on the sidelines.

Despotlitical roll call

Take last month's United Nations Security Council temporary cease-fire resolution that wasn’t conditional on the release of the hostages.
We all know that the U.S. avoided vetoing the resolution, not because it no longer sees Israel as an ally and democracy’s last line of defense in the Middle East, but because it’s an election year and Biden and the Democrats are kowtowing to their far-left constituents.
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Without Israel, how would Putin distract from his own failed Ukraine campaign?
(Photo: AP)
I’d like to believe that Biden and the “moderate” Democrats agree with Minister Benny Gantz, who said, as noted by Douglas Murray: “There is no point in putting out 3/4 of a fire. You either put the fire out or you don't.” Murray says that “…and in the case of Gaza, extinguishing the whole thing is destroying Hamas completely...”. Yet, as Murray also says “Democrats are pressuring Israel because they believe that the conflict could have a result in dampening down some of the vote…”
But what about the other countries? Why do they act out against Israel? What would they do if there wasn’t Israel to blame and defame? A few examples:
Russia – If not Israel, how could Putin detract attention from his continued campaign against Ukraine and plans to retake large parts of Europe?
China – What better way does the Communist Party of China have to undermine the U.S. than to call it out for its support of Israel, and have so much of the world agree with it?
Canada – What else can Prime Minister Justin Trudeau do to remain in the good graces of the far-left coconuts and the masses of Islamic immigrants that he and his government let in (and continue to let in), other than stop selling a miniscule amount of arms to Israel and be among the first to reinstate UNRWA funding?
Turkey – In a country beset by economic woes that can only benefit from good relations with Israel, as proven in the past, isn’t the best way for Turkey’s megalomaniacal leader (dictator) to placate his “voters” and assert his dominance in the Muslim world to despoil the memory of the Holocaust and accuse Israel of Nazism?
South Africa – Why would the country’s corrupt ruling party, the ANC, side with Iran and file a morally obscene application to the International Court of Justice claiming Israel is committing genocide, if not to cover up the rampant crime, hunger, poverty, etc., that are savaging Africa’s southernmost nation?
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Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan addresses his supporters during a rally
Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan addresses his supporters during a rally
Turkish President Erdogan compared Israel to Hitler
(Photo: Reuters)
And the list goes on and on. If you are truly unprejudiced, I invite you to look deeper at the real reasons each anti-Israel nation has adopted this stance. Conversely, for the most part, the few countries who stand resolute with Israel have much truer motives for doing so – see the Czech Republic, Argentina, Germany and others.

No other choice

A primary impetus for Hamas’ October 7 massacre and its refusal to surrender is its political savvy, knowing that the political interests of most of the world would cause countries to immediately or eventually ignore that which cannot be ignored and turn against Israel. They also knew that Israel would, at once, retaliate with great force but also try to minimize civilian casualties, further dragging out the war. Both of these work in their favor on the despotlitical world playground. I will not say that there is no sympathy for the plight of the Palestinians, but it is largely a marginal factor in relation to the political motivations. In fact, Israel is probably more concerned about the welfare of Palestinian civilians than most any other country on the planet. Definitely more than Hamas, Iran or Qatar.
Perhaps, you now understand why it isn’t possible for Israel to dance to the distorted tunes of the world. We must do what we need to endure, to return the hostages, and to dismantle Hamas, and not what others want us to do to further their political aims.
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