IDF strikes Hamas targets in Gaza in response to Netivot rockets

The army says the 3 projectiles landed in open areas and no damage was reported; 37-year-old man was treated for shock; the military spokesperson adds one of the sites targeted by IAF was the terror group's weapons manufacturing facility

Yoav Zitun, Ilana Curiel|
Israeli warplanes struck a series Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip in a pre-dawn raid on Wednesday, in response to three rockets fired at the southern city of Netivot just hours earlier.
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  • A spokesperson for the IDF said among the military sites struck in southern Gaza, was a weapons manufacturing facility belonging to the terrorist organization's military wing. "This attack undermines Hamas’s ability to reinforce," said the army in a statement.
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    תקיפות צה"ל בעזה בעקבות השיגורים
    תקיפות צה"ל בעזה בעקבות השיגורים
    Fire from IDF strikes in Gaza overnight

    The rocket alers sirens sounded in the western Negev city at around 00:12 am, followed by three loud explosions. The military later confirmed the three projectiles launched by Gaza militants all landed in open areas.
    Although no damage was reported, a 37-year-old was treated for shock after he fainted and temporarily lost consciousness.
    Tensions on the southern border have soared in recent days after Palesinian militants renewed sporadic rocket attacks on Israeli communities bordering the Hamas-controlled enclave.
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    צרור בלוני נפץ בשדה חקלאי בניר עם
    צרור בלוני נפץ בשדה חקלאי בניר עם
    Airborne device with explosive attached to it lands in Gaza border community
    In addition, incendiary balloon attacks - which involve explosives attached to airborne devices being flown into Israeli territory - have also increased dramatically.
    As a result, Israel has announced it has halted the import of cement into the Strip and cancelled 500 entry permits allocated for merchants from Gaza.
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