Moroccan asylum-seeker found guilty of murdering man in UK in revenge for Gaza

Ahmed Alid killed a 70-year-old victim after approaching him from behind, he later admitted that he did it in revenge for Israel killing innocent children, and blamed Britain for creating the Jewish State
A Moroccan man who stabbed to death a passer-by in the street in northeast England in what he later told police was revenge for Israeli action in Gaza was found guilty of murder on Thursday.
Ahmed Alid, 45, who had sought asylum in Britain, killed his 70-year-old victim after approaching him from behind on a road in Hartlepool the early hours of Oct. 15 last year, having previously attacked his housemate with two knives, prosecutors said.
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בריטניה אחמד אליד רצח פנסיונר כנקמה למען עזה
בריטניה אחמד אליד רצח פנסיונר כנקמה למען עזה
Ahmed Alid
After his arrest, he told detectives he had committed the acts because of the war in Gaza, and in revenge for Israel killing innocent children, and blamed Britain for creating Israel, Britain's Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) said.
Alid said if he had had a machine gun and more weapons, he would have killed more people.
"By his own admission, Ahmed Alid would have killed more people on that day if he had been able to," Nick Price, head of the CPS Special Crime and Counter Terrorism Division, said in a statement. "Whatever his views were on the conflict in Gaza, this was a man who chose to attack two innocent people with a knife, and the consequences were devastating."
Alid had first used two knives to attack his sleeping housemate, to whom he had become aggressive after learning of his conversion to Christianity, stabbing him six times while shouting "Allahu Akbar," or "God is greatest," the CPS said.
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פריצת הגדר בגבול עזה
פריצת הגדר בגבול עזה
Hamas breaks the border fence on October 7
(Photo: Reuters)
The 32-year-old housemate, one of five asylum seekers who shared the property, managed to fight him off and another occupant came to his aid. Alid left the house with one of the knives and walked toward the center of Hartlepool.
He passed Terence Carney, 70, on the opposite side of the road before circling back and attacking him from behind, stabbing him six times in the chest, abdomen and back. Carney died shortly after police arrived.
Following his interview with police, he attacked the two female detectives, with one suffering injuries to her shoulder and wrist.
He was found guilty at Teeside Crown Court of murder, attempted murder and two counts of assaulting an emergency worker. He will be sentenced on May 17, when the judge will decide if his actions were related to terrorism.
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