Gallant: Half of Hezbollah commanders killed, others hiding

Military says some 40 targets of Iran-backed group came under Israeli strikes in recent hours after dozens of rockets land in Israel and one home on the border takes a direct hit

Israel came under attack from Hezbollah on Wednesday when dozens of rockets were fired at the Galilee. Israel responded by attacking targets in South Lebanon.
Defense Minister Yoav Gallant who was visiting the IDF Northern Command and meeting with its senior officers, said that half of the commanders of Hezbollah's forces have been killed and the rest were in hiding. "From the military operational perspective this is a critical time," he said.
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תיעוד מתקיפות צה"ל בעייתא א שעב בדרום לבנון
תיעוד מתקיפות צה"ל בעייתא א שעב בדרום לבנון
Yoav Gallant, IDF strikes South Lebanon
(Photo: Elad Malka, IDF)
In a statement, the military said IDF fighter jets and artillery struck approximately 40 Hezbollah terror targets in the area of Ayta ash Shab in southern Lebanon, including storage facilities, weaponry, terror infrastructures, and additional targets used by the Hezbollah terrorist organization in the area.
According to reports in the Saudi media, Israel was conducting massive strikes it described as a fire-belt, for the first time since the cross-border violence began soon after the Hamas massacre in the South. Lebanese media outlets claimed earlier that at least 17 strikes against Hezbollah targets were carried out by the IDF.
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תיעוד מתקיפות צה"ל בעייתא א שעב בדרום לבנון
תיעוד מתקיפות צה"ל בעייתא א שעב בדרום לבנון
IDF strikes Hezbollah targets in South Lebanon on Wednesday
(Photo: IDF)
Earlier a home on the border took a direct hit from a Hezbollah anti-tank missile and dozens of rockets were reported to have landed in open areas. Hezbollah claimed responsibility for the fire.
Gallant said the government's top priority is to bring the residents of the north, who were evacuated at the start of the war, home safely.
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