Israel bolsters security during Purim holiday

Senior Israel Police official says there is a growing fear of attacks by extremist although no specific information has been received; thousands of police to be deployed, mostly around Jerusalem

An official in the Israel Police force said on Thursday that during the upcoming Purim holiday, and the Muslim holy month of Ramadan there will be an increased presence of security forces across the country, with an emphasis on Jerusalem.
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"We are on coming into challenging days with the potential for escalation," the official said although he confirmed there were no specific reports of planned attacks.
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עימותים בין שוטרים למפגינים מחוץ לכנסת
עימותים בין שוטרים למפגינים מחוץ לכנסת
Israel Police in Jerusalem
(Photo: Roni Green Shaulov)
"We are at a particularly high level of alert, deploying thousands of officers to maintain order and secure the Purim festivities and Ramadan prayers with a focus on Jerusalem and the Temple Mount, and the protests this weekend," said the senior official.
"The combination of the threats of war, terror, and safety risks like crowd pressure is especially complex," the official added. "There is also a need for the public's cooperation to heed guidelines and report anything suspicious."
The officials said the police planned to have forces or volunteers near central synagogues, trained to identify threats and neutralize incidents. Beyond the synagogues, "The aim was to have armed individuals in every synagogue, among worshippers, who know how to use firearms according to the rules of engagement outlined in the law," he said.
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עומס בהר הבית לכבוד הרמדאן
עומס בהר הבית לכבוד הרמדאן
Temple Mount prays
"Our main focus in terms of attention is on Jerusalem, though we also have forces deployed in other cities, and so far, we haven't encountered any unusual incidents."
Approximately 3,000 officers will spread out on Friday across the capital. The police will particularly operate at the Jerusalem perimeter crossings, in the eastern part of the city, and the alleys of the Old City. The comprehensive security array will intensify, and police activity will increase on traffic routes.
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