Hamas rejects new cease-fire proposal, Mossad reports

'Sinwar does not want a humanitarian deal', Mossad says after proposal presented to Hamas by CIA head is turned down

Israel officially announces that Hamas has rejected the outline for a hostage deal presented by the head of the CIA and forwarded to him by the mediators. The Mossad statement, released Sunday morning by the Prime Minister's Office, states that "It has been over a week since the Cairo meeting – Hamas has rejected the outline that was tabled by the mediators."
According to the Mossad: "The rejection of the proposal by the three mediators, which included the most significant flexibility on Israel's part, proves that Sinwar does not want a humanitarian deal and the return of the hostages, is continuing to exploit the tension with Iran, and is striving to unite the sectors and achieve a general escalation in the region."
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הפגנה לשחרור החטופים מול שער בגין, הקריה בתל אביב
הפגנה לשחרור החטופים מול שער בגין, הקריה בתל אביב
Demonstration for the release of the kidnapped in front of Shaar Begin, the Kirya in Tel Aviv
(Photo: Yuval Chen )
"Israel will continue to strive to realize the objectives of the war with Hamas with full force, and leave no stone unturned to return the 133 hostages from Gaza forthwith," the statement concluded.
In his statement Sunday morning, after the unprecedented Iranian attack overnight, IDF spokesman Daniel Hagari said that: "Aside from the development tonight, we do not forget for a moment the 133 hostages held in Gaza. We will continue to do everything to return them home as quickly as possible."
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יחיא סינוואר
יחיא סינוואר
Hamas head Yahya Sinwar
(Photo: EPA)
On Saturday night, before the rally in Tel Aviv's Hostages' Square, the families of the hostages intensified their message and called in a statement for an immediate deal. "If in order to receive our loved ones quickly and alive the price is a cease-fire, agreement to end the war, and return all the hostages in the deal now. Then you will be free to deal with the threats from Gaza. Save lives first! The lack of coordination that leads to decisions that endanger the lives of the hostages is negligence and a crime."
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