American Jews share stories on difficulty of finding love

In honor of Valentine's Day, Ruderman Family Foundation has created a special project, allowing a group of U.S. Jewish men and women to share their grievances when it comes to finding the perfect partner
There is nothing more universal than finding love - we are all looking for the perfect relationship.
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  • When it comes to American Jews and Israelis - there is one thing in common - they all want to bring home the best Jewish daughter or son in law.
    Valentine’s Day project
    (Video: Ruderman Family Foundation | Production company: WIWU Productions)
    The Ruderman Family Foundation has created a special project in honor of Valentine's Day, surveying a group of Jewish men and women from the United States about the difficulties of finding love, allowing them to share their confessions, stories, red flags and more.
    In the U.S., Jews make up only about two percent of the general population, which makes it so much more difficult to find a perfect partner, who would also happen to be Jewish.
    The project was produced with the intention of imparting knowledge and presenting the challenges faced by the Jews in America, of which Israelis are not necessarily aware of. The project aims to create a bridge of understanding between U.S. Jews and Israelis.
    Ruderman Family Foundation President Jay Ruderman said: “Relationships and love are a complex thing in today's reality, especially when it comes to a minority. This time we chose to reveal to you one of the biggest difficulties for American Jews - finding a partner. I believe that understanding everyday life, the challenges that are common to all of us and ones that are unique to each community will benefit us all. When you know each other - you connect to one another.”
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