14-year-old settler found dead in West Bank; Palestinians and settlers clash

Body of Binyamin Achimeir, a 14-year-old shepherd who didn't return with his flock, discovered in the afternoon; IDF and Shin Bet forces searching for suspects;news prompts severe clash between settlers and Palestinians
Roni Green Shaulov, Yoav Zitun, Itamar Eichner, Einav Halabi|Updated:
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu confirmed on Saturday afternoon that Binyamin Achimei, 14, who had been reported missing since Friday morning, was found dead.
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נמשכים החיפושים אחר נער ליד היישוב מלאכי השלום ב בנימין הוא יצא לרעות צאן בשעות הבוקר ועדיין לא חזר  בנימין אחימאיר
נמשכים החיפושים אחר נער ליד היישוב מלאכי השלום ב בנימין הוא יצא לרעות צאן בשעות הבוקר ועדיין לא חזר  בנימין אחימאיר
Binyamin Achimeir
Netanyahu declared, "The IDF and Shin Bet forces are actively pursuing the heinous criminals responsible for this act and anyone who may have conspired with them. We will track down these murderers and their accomplices, just as we do with anyone who inflicts harm on the citizens of the State of Israel." This announcement, however, was shortly thereafter removed by the Israeli premier.
Netanyahu further emphasized: "The IDF, Shin Bet, and Israel Police's West Bank District are engaged in robust operational and intelligence activities across the region and in Palestinian villages. I urge all Israeli citizens to let our security forces carry out their duties without disruption, so we can swiftly bring these appalling murderers and their accomplices to justice."
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חיפושים אחרי הילד בנימין אחימאיר ליד הכפר מע'רייר
חיפושים אחרי הילד בנימין אחימאיר ליד הכפר מע'רייר
Ongoing searches
(Photo: Shaul Golan)
The body of the young Jerusalem resident was discovered this afternoon near an outpost. His personal belongings were found nearby, along with other items now under investigation, including a weapon. It is suspected that Achimeir, who was employed as a shepherd in the vicinity, was killed after he left the farm in the early morning and did not return, while his flock of sheep did. IDF, Shin Bet and the police jointly stated that Achimeir "was the victim of a terrorist attack," and a manhunt for the suspects is ongoing.
A large contingent of forces, including Border Police and search & rescue units, were involved in the search operations. As part of these operations, a closure was imposed on Palestinian villages in the area. Operations continued into the night, supported by the air and using lighting resources. Shin Bet is also participating in the investigation, and security officials stated yesterday that all possibilities are being considered, including fears of abduction or other security incidents.
After the boy's body was found, Palestinians and settlers clashed
Reports have emerged of confrontations between settlers and Palestinians, with social media posts indicating that Palestinian homes and vehicles have been set ablaze.
Earlier today, the Palestinian Red Crescent reported that a settler attack in a village northeast of Ramallah resulted in injuries to five Palestinians. Two of the injured were subsequently transported to a hospital. Local sources relayed to the Palestinian news agency that several young people were assaulted and beaten by settlers. These sources also reported that Palestinian vehicles were stolen from the village by the settlers, some of which were later found burned.
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First published: 15:28, 04.13.24
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