Syria reports Israeli missile strike near port city of Tartus

State TV says missiles fired from Israeli aircraft were from direction of Lebanon, leaving 3 dead and 3 wounded; UK based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says attack aimed at several military sites where Iran affiliated militias are located
Liad Osmo|
Israel fired several missiles on Sunday toward areas near the port city of Tartus in Syria, state media reported.
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  • The Syrian army reported that around 9 pm local time Israel attacked several targets on the outskirts of Damascus. And at the same time, another attack was carried out from the sea, south to Tartus.
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    אש בשטח סוריה סמוך לגבול עם ישראל
    אש בשטח סוריה סמוך לגבול עם ישראל
    An Israeli strike in Syria, archive
    (Photo: EPA)
    The military said air defense systems were activated to intercept the missiles. It was also reported that three soldiers were killed and three others were wounded, and the attacked cause material damage.
    According to Arab media reports, missiles were fired from Israeli aircraft operating in the Lebanese air space.
    Video published in Syria that allegedly shows Israeli missiles
    At first, explosions were heard in the Tartus province where arms shipments from Iran arrive, and shortly after Syrian television confirmed that the air defense systems were activated against "hostile targets".
    The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, identified with the Assad regime's opposition, claimed that the Israeli attack was aimed at several military sites of the Syrian regime in which militias subordinate to Iran were located.
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    שמים סוריה תקיפה מטוסים מערכות הגנה
    שמים סוריה תקיפה מטוסים מערכות הגנה
    Previous Israeli strikes in Syria
    One of the targets was a Syrian Air Force base. Rescue and emergency vehicles rushed to the area of the attack in order to evacuate casualties, but no detailed information was provided regarding the number of casualties.
    A month and a half ago, the Syrian Defense Ministry reported an Israeli attack some 20 kilometers (12.5 miles) south of the port city. The ministry reported that two civilians were injured as a result of the missile strike which also caused material damage.
    Tartus is the second largest port city in Syria after Letkia and is about 25 kilometers (15 miles) from the border with Lebanon. The port is also the base of the Russian Navy and it is Moscow's only naval base in the Mediterranean region.
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