Palestinian state is reward for terror, far-right French politician says

Jordan Bardella, leader of the National Rally Party that is projected to win most seats in parliamentary elections next month campaigns on anti-Islam sentiments, courts Jewish vote ahead of ballot   

Tamar Sebok|
The National Rally party will not recognize a Palestinian state because that would be awarding terror, party leader Jordan Bardella said in a press conference earlier in the week.
The far-right party is projected to win a majority of seats in the snap elections next month, that were announced by French President Emmanuel Macron after his party's defeat in the vote for representatives in the European parliament.
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צרפת ה נשיא ה חדש של מפלגת האיחוד הלאומי ז'ורדן ברדלה
צרפת ה נשיא ה חדש של מפלגת האיחוד הלאומי ז'ורדן ברדלה
Jordan Bardella
(Photo: AFP)
Bardella said that if elected, his government would support Israel if it is attacked by Iran. His party has been running on an anti-Muslim message which has gained popularity among voters who were concerned of the rise of radical Islam.
He vowed to fight antisemitism that he said has plagued France since October 7, after reports of a racially motivated rape of a 12-year-old Jewish girl. To court the Jewish vote, a lawmaker from the party said there would be no change to the laws allowing Kosher and Halal slaughter of meat and that enforcing restrictions on the wearing of a Kippah in French public institutions, would not be a priority.
A lawmaker from the National Rally Party said he would advance a law preventing French citizens who also have a foreign nationality from holding certain "sensitive" positions and pointed to French-Russian citizens whom he alluded could pose a security risk.
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הפגנה גדולה בפריז בעקבות האונס של הנערה היהודייה
הפגנה גדולה בפריז בעקבות האונס של הנערה היהודייה
Demonstrators in Paris after reports of a racially motivated rape of a Jewish child
(Photo: Tamar Sebok)
On Sunday, hundreds of thousands took to the streets in cities around France to demonstrate against the rise of the far-right party which is considered a risk to women's rights. French President Emmanuel Macron said he would not step down if his party loses its parliamentary majority.
The National Rally may also fall short of the votes needed to form a coalition of like-minded political parties which could throw France into a political stalemate.
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