Bibas family says video of Shiri and children 'tears at our hearts'

Members of the Bibas family made a statement about the video revealed by the IDF, in which three of the four family members are seen in Khan Younis in southern Gaza, alive, hours after they were kidnapped. "These videos tear at our hearts. To see Shiri, Yarden, Ariel and Kfir kidnapped from their home in Nir Oz to this hell is unbearable and inhumane. Kidnapping children is a crime against humanity and a war crime. Ariel and Kfir are victims of monstrous evil. Our entire family became hostages along with all the abductees," they said in a statement. They added: "We make a desperate call to all the decision-makers in Israel and the world who are involved in the negotiations - bring them back home now. Make it clear to Hamas that kidnapping children is out of bounds. Make these children a first priority in any deal. We want to thank the public in Israel and around the world for supporting us and we want to continue in the fight for their return home." (Yael Ciechanover)
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