Unusual springtime hail storm colors Israel's south white

Heavy rain and hail flooded some streets in the city of Ashkelon, later covering them in a thick layer of ice; Mount Hermon opens for visitors after snow fell on Israel's only ski resort; next week small heatwave set to hit the country
Danny Rup|
Some cities in Israel's south white were colored in white on Thursday morning after an unusual springtime hail storm hit the area.
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  • A small-scale storm system descended on the country late Wednesday, with rain spreading from northern Israel all the way to the Negev Desert.
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    ברד כבד באשקלון
    ברד כבד באשקלון
    Heavy hailstrom hits Ashkelon
    In Ashkelon, heavy rain and hail in the morning hours flooded some streets, which were blocked to traffic as a result. The severe hailstorm, which piled up on ground, covered the city in a thick layer of ice.
    In the north, snow fell at Mount Hermon Ski Resort, where temperatures fell below freezing. Although the site is now open for visitors with pre-registration, there is currently not enough snow to allow skiing.
    Severe hailstorm in Ashkelon
    There is a potential for light snow at the peaks of the Golan Heights.
    The rain is expected stop toward the afternoon hours and at night the weather will be cold but not rainy.
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    ברד כבד באשקלון
    ברד כבד באשקלון
    Heavy hail covers Ashkelon in white
    (Photo: Christina Kanish )
    In the northern city of Haifa, the temperatures will dip from 13 degrees Celsius during the day Thursday to 9 degrees at night. In Tel Aviv, the weather will be similar with a range of 16 degrees during the day and 10 degrees at night. In Jerusalem, the weather will be reach 10 degrees Celsius during the day and falling to 5 degrees overnight.
    In the southern city of Be’er Sheva, temperatures will range from 15 degrees throughout the day to 7 degrees at night. In Israel's southernmost city of Eilat, the weather will be relatively warm with 21 degrees during the day and 11 at night.
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    שלג יורד באתר החרמון
    שלג יורד באתר החרמון
    Snow on Mount Hermon Ski Resort
    (Photo: Mount Hermon Ski Resort )
    Over the upcoming weekend, temperatures are set to be warm and ideal for travel. Next week, temperatures will rise and culminate in a small heatwave on Tuesday and Wednesday. On Thursday, a drop in temperatures is expected, with weather returning to its seasonal average.
    Despite the rainfall, the Sea of Galilee's water level did not significantly increase over the past 24 hours, remaining at 209.28 meters below sea level, according to the Water Authority.
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