Elderly left-wing Israeli activist says attacked by settlers

Hagar Gefen, 70-yearl old hospitalized with fractured ribs says has yet to be asked for testimony of events by police after being assaulted 'How can there be young people whose mission is to beat up the elderly ? If that's what they do to Jews, then what do they do to Arabs?' asks her sister-in-law

Gilad Cohen|
Hagar Gefen, a 70-year-old Hagar Gefen, left-wing activists said she was physically attacked on Wednesday by Jewish settlers in the West Bank and is hospitalized with fractured ribs in Jerusalem.
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  • Her brother describes her condition as weak and in pain.
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    עימותים אלימים בין מתנחלים לפלסטינים ביהודה ושומרון
    עימותים אלימים בין מתנחלים לפלסטינים ביהודה ושומרון
    Footage of Hagar Gefen being assaulted by settlers
    (Photo: Mavakalkoldunam)
    The police has yet to ask for Gefen's testimony of the events according to her family but in answer to a question, they claim her medical condition seemed to grave and that an interview will be conducted at a later date.
    "Rioters attacked my sister. They kicked her and ripped her bag out of her hands," her brother Elisha said. "They stole all her personal documents, phone, and glasses from her bag," he said.
    " I can not understand how the police have still not come to interview her. This was not the first time she had encountered such violence," he said.
    Gefen, along with other left-wing activists, went to the West Bank, near the settlement Ma'ale Amos to harvest olives grown by Palestinian farmers.
    A group of masked men approached them and began shouting slurs and quickly moved on to violence, according video of the altercation. In the clip, the masked settlers are seen hitting Gefen, who sustained mild injuries. Another activist was also injured.
    The settlers claimed that they were surrounded by Palestinians who hurled stones in their direction, injuring one of them in the head, and mildly injuring another two.
    They called the event a "provocation" of the left-wing activists, accusing them of staging similar events in the past.
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    Hagar Gefen
    Hagar Gefen
    Hagar Gefen
    The police launched an investigation into the incident and took two Palestinians in to custody for questioning. .
    Sarah Gefen, Hagar's sister-in-law shared a post on her Facebook page describing what had happened.
    "To get up in the morning and see my sister-in-law laying on the floor, curled up in fear and pain, and above her stand restless young men beating her with clubs," she wrote.
    "How can a 70-year-old woman be a threat to young people who can be her grandchildren? How can there be young people among us who get up in the morning and their mission is to beat up elderly people? If that's what they do to Jews, then what do they do to Arabs?" Gefen's sister-in-law asked in her post.
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