Israel issues travel warning for Turkey fearing Iranian attacks

Israelis cautioned to avoid unnecessary travel to any country bordering Iran, asked to refrain from identifying as Israeli in public places including hotels and restaurants, amid growing concern following assassination of IRGC official
Itamar Eichner|
Israeli security officials on Monday reiterated their warning against Israelis' travel to Turkey following the assassination in Tehran of an IRGC official last week.
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  • In a statement issued by the Prime Minister's office, security officials warned there was a real danger to Israelis on Turkish soil and in other countries who share a border with Iran.
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    זירת החיסול
    זירת החיסול
    Assassination of IRGC official in Tehran last week
    The National Security Council called on the public to increase vigilance and take the necessary precautions.
    Col. Hassan Sayyad Khodaei of elite Quds Force was shot five times outside his home in an attack attributed to Israel.
    The security officials said they are reiterating their warnings after recent Iranian attempts to harm Israeli business people and diplomats serving in the Israeli consulate in Istanbul.
    "In recent weeks, and more so since Iran blamed Israel for an assassination of a senior member of the IRGC, security agencies are increasingly concerned that Iran will target Israelis traveling abroad," the statement read.
    "the NSC and security agencies want to make clear that Turkey is now considered at high risk for such actions."
    The official warning calls on Israelis to avoid unnecessary travel to Turkey along with recommendations for stringent cautionary steps, which include avoiding contact with strangers, a suspicious approach to offers made by unknown individuals or entities, even if they appear to originate from Turkey.
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    הלווייה ב טהרן של קצין משמרות המהפכה קולונל חסן סיאד חודאי שחוסל בבירת איראן
    הלווייה ב טהרן של קצין משמרות המהפכה קולונל חסן סיאד חודאי שחוסל בבירת איראן
    A woman holds the portrait of assassinated IRGC official Hassan Khodaei during his funeral last week in Tehran
    (Photo: EPA)
    The steps also call on Israelis not to reveal personal information and travel information or even specific locations, in advance, and to make sure they are in possession of emergency numbers and contact information for Israeli embassy and consular offices.
    Israelis are also asked to refrain from revealing information pertaining to security matters or prior military service and urged to keep a low profile and not identify themselves as Israelis in hotels, restaurants or any other public venues.
    The Shin Bet recently issued a warning to Israelis against Iranian attempts to lure them abroad under false pretenses and using false identities – in order to kidnap them.
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