Syria says two civilians hurt in 'Israeli aggression' south of Tartus

According to Damascus, several Israeli missiles fired from west of Tripoli, Lebanon hit targets outside major port city in morning hours, causing injuries and material damage
Liad Osmo|
Syria's Defense Ministry said on Saturday that two civilians, including a woman, were injured in an alleged Israeli "air aggression" earlier south of the port city of Tartus.
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  • The announcement said there was also material damage in the attack. The ministry accused Israel of firing several missiles west of the Lebanese city of Tripoli at 6:30am.
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    ההרס לאחר התקיפה
    ההרס לאחר התקיפה
    Aftermath of attack near Tartus Syria blames on Israel
    According to the Syrian army, the missiles hit several "chicken coops" near the village of Hamidia, south of Tartus.
    Tartus is the second-largest port city in Syria after Latakia and is the capital of Tartus province. It lies about 25 km from the border with Lebanon, and its port is also home to a Russian naval base — Moscow's only naval base in the Mediterranean region and a driving factor behind its support of the Bashar al-Assad regime.
    Israel has conducted hundreds of attacks on Syrian soil in recent years to prevent Iran from entrenching itself in the war-torn country and arming its proxy groups with advanced weapon systems.
    The Iranians are also trying to smuggle air defense systems into the country to protect Syrian and Iranian bases from attacks by the Israeli Air Force. These smugglings take place through three channels — on land, through the land corridor that passes through Iraq and Syria, and from there to Lebanon; In the air, through the Revolutionary Guards' airline; and at sea, using supposedly innocent merchant ships moored in the ports of Tartus and Latakia, the only major ports where large cargo of fuel and containers can be unloaded.
    Last month, Syria said an Israeli airstrike that struck Damascus International Airport caused “significant” damage to infrastructure and rendered the main runway unserviceable until further notice.
    Russia condemned the attack and summoned the Israeli ambassador to provide clarifications and express Moscow's "deep concern."
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