Fauda star Idan Amedi puts the common good before his own, let's do the same

Opinion: Amedi, known for his humility in the entertainment industry, achieved in one press conference what elected officials struggled with since the war's start: displaying gratitude and sorrow, taking responsibility without being seen as guilty and advocating for national unity to prevent history from repeating; It's unfortunate that he won't be running in the next elections; they should learn from him
Idan Amedi became a symbol without even wanting to. Those who him know that this position is not at all comfortable for him. But Amedi, two-and-a-half weeks after he was seriously injured and arrived at the hospital without being identified except as "John Doe" - appeared before the cameras at Sheba Hospital Thursday, and took on the role of the sergeant of the warriors and the wounded, in body and soul.
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The press conference he chose to hold was very important. For any other artist in a different situation, one might think that this is taking advantage of the event for self-promotion. But when it comes to Amedi, one cannot even bring this thought to mind: He is considered one of the humblest people in the entertainment industry, a singer and actor without pretension who does not play the public relations game that some Israeli artists are playing.
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הצהרה של עידן עמדי בבית החולים שיבא
הצהרה של עידן עמדי בבית החולים שיבא
'Fauda' star Idan Amedi addresses reporters at Sheba Medical Center, where he is undergoing rehabilitation after being injured in Gaza
(Photo: Ido Erez)
Amedi stood on the stage and cried. Wept for his two soldiers who were killed in the large explosion - Major General Gabriel Blum and Major General Akiva Yasinsky, may their memories be blessed. Amedi did what our elected officials find it so difficult to do: he took responsibility and apologized for not being able as commander to return the boys home. He cried and took responsibility, even though apparently no one thinks he is guilty of anything.
When he stood at the podium, he stated the reasons why he chose to hold the press conference: the treatment of the war wounded, the bereaved families, the return home of the hostages and the change of the divisive discourse when we should strive for unity. But alongside all these, he asked for another thing: to maintain his privacy and the privacy of his family.
I don't know if Amedi's intention was to criticize the media, or perhaps even a sincere request to preserve his privacy in its basic sense, but I do know what I think about the conduct of most of the media since his injury: It sanctified its interest in ratings that translate into money — and satisfied the public's curiosity with information about his impaired condition, without him or his family even having approved its publication. This is an ethical offense for all intents and purposes when it comes to a medical condition. But you know what? Forget ethics. This is behavior that is not in line with Amedi's values: putting the common good before his personal good.
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עידן עמדי
עידן עמדי
Idan Amedi at Sheba Medical Center
From here I am calling - even if I fail in my duty - please implement my request and preserve his privacy. Give him the time to recover physically and mentally, because he needs a long rehabilitation.
Amedi promised that he would return to singing, acting and - if God and his body will allow him - also to fighting. Amedi is the beautiful Land of Israel, just like many soldiers whose voices are not heard because they are not famous. Soldiers who sacrifice their souls, and put the good of the country before their personal good, before the good of their families, their children.
The time has come for us - as a people, as a country, as a leadership, as a means of communication - to take an example from Idan Amedi and his other heroic friends, who show integrity, who take responsibility, who understand the magnitude of the hour and the event and call for unity - even if they are not running in the next elections. And if he did run, by the way, he would garnered at least as many mandates as the amount of people who come to his shows again and again and again.
But he won't do it. Let's be like Idan Amedi.
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