Freed serial rapist sexually assaults 82-year-old Holocaust survivor

Israel Police say Adel Hayeb previously assaulted 14 women, and was released from prison 6 months ago after serving 8 ½ years for rape of 70-year-old victim

Ahiye Raved|
A serial rapist recently released from prison sexually assaulted an 82-year-old Holocaust survivor after evading Israel Prison Service supervision, according to charges filed against him.
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  • Police said the suspect is 42-year-old Adel Hayeb, who lives in the same city as the Holocaust survivor.
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    עאדל הייב
    עאדל הייב
    Serial rapist Adel Hayeb
    According to the Israel Police investigation, a week ago, Hayeb met the Holocaust survivor on the street and complimented her looks. He then introduced himself as a handyman. As a result, the woman invited him to her house to ask his opinion about a renovation she was planning.
    As soon as they entered her house, he pushed the woman to the bedroom, and brutally attacked and raped her. The woman was bruised, suffered from heavy bleeding, and required emergency surgery.
    The Holocaust survivor was rushed to Ziv Medical Center in Safed. "At first she was ashamed to tell us what happened," said Superintendent Roi Zion and Staff Sergeant Major Amit Shitrit from the Israel Police. "Only after she spoke with a social worker, we were called. The woman lost a lot of blood and her life was in danger. When we took her statement, she said he brutally attacked her, just like an animal."
    Hayeb previously raped 14 other women, the last of which was 70 years old. Each time he was convicted he served his time, but was released and continued his rape and assault spree.
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    בית כלא גלבוע
    בית כלא גלבוע
    Israel Prison Services
    (Photo: Getty Images)
    Six months ago, he was released after serving eight and a half years in prison. He was under the supervision of a special unit in the Israel Prison Services, which monitors serious offenders to ensure they do not re-offend. Hayeb was nevertheless still able to do his deed undisturbed.
    "It's a very, very difficult case, among the more harsh cases I've investigated in sex crimes. If the woman had not arrived at the hospital, she might have not made it," officer Shitrit added.
    According to Shitrit, the suspect gave different versions of the incident, one of which he claimed the Holocaust survivor invited him to her home to provide sex services. His story was rejected. His arrest was extended and the prosecution is expected to indict him on rape charges.
    Attorney Fathi Fukra, representing the suspect, said Hayeb was only arrested because of his past transgressions. "He's in a relationship, he has a job, and he is going through a therapy process. The suspect denies the validity of the offenses attributed to him, and he claims to have evidence to prove it."
    The Israel Police Services said: "the incident is under investigation, and therefore we can't elaborate on the details. The terms under which the suspect was monitored after his release from prison are confidential."
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