Iran sentences to death a Jewish man who killed a Muslim

Arvin Nathaniel Ghahremani's family try to commute his sentence to reparations after he allegedly killed a Muslim in self-defense; The victim's family refuses to accept their offer

Arvin Nathaniel Ghahremani, a 20-year-old Iranian Jew, is scheduled to be executed in Iran on Monday for allegedly killing an Iranian Muslim in a brawl in self-defense.
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ארווין (נתנאל) קהרמאני
ארווין (נתנאל) קהרמאני
Arvin Nathaniel Ghahremani
In Iran, it was reported that Ghahremani was involved two years ago in a brawl with a non-Jewish Iranian. During the brawl, the Iranian died, and the Jewish citizen was sentenced to death.
According to Iranian law, the death sentence can be commuted to reparations only with the consent of the deceased person's family. The family and the Jewish community have offered a generous amount for reparations, but the victim's family refuses to accept the offer and demands the Jewish man's execution.
The execution was planned for Saturday, but for unknown reasons, it has been postponed to Monday. Several figures have appealed to different countries so they can intervene and help suspend the execution. Appeals have been made to countries like Russia, Germany, and more.
At the same time, lawyers and prominent figures in the Iranian Jewish communities in the U.S. are trying to influence the family of the deceased, but so far to no avail. There are currently about 8,000 Jews living in Iran, much less than the number of Jews in Iran before the Islamic revolution which was about 100,000.
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