Israel, Ukraine facing same enemy, ambassador says

On second anniversary of Russian invasion of Ukraine Yevgen Korniychuk says countries should cooperate against Russia-Iran alliance, warns Russia could provide Iran with technology to improve its weapons and produce its nuclear bomb
On second anniversary of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, Kyiv's envoy to Israel says 80% of his countrymen support Israel in the war against Hamas. Ambassador Yevgen Korniychuk said the reason is not exclusively Russia's alliance with Iran, a sponsor of the Gaza based terror group, but also because both Israel and Ukraine came under unprovoked attack. "We feel your pain," he said.
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Last year, Korniychuk met with National Security Council chief Tsachi Hanebvi and presented him with a piece of an Iranian made Shahed drone that the Russians used to attack his country. "I told him we must now cooperate. The same drones are being launched from Yemen to attack Eilat," he said.
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פגיעת מל"טים באוקראינה
פגיעת מל"טים באוקראינה
Aftermath of an Iranian made drone strike in Ukraine
(Photo: Reuters)
"I once again warn that if the world does not wake up, we will see those drones attacking other cities in the democratic world, soon," the ambassador told Ynet. "If we don't cooperate against the threat of Iranian drones and ballistic missiles, we will squander a rare opportunity to gain strength. We have many abilities and would be happy to share them with Israel and there is technological knowledge here that we would be happy to acquire," he said.
Korniychuk said Israel could learn from Ukraine's own use of UAVs to attack Russian targets. "Ukraine does not have a fleet in the Black Sea but with the modern drones we were able to destroy 20% of the Russian fleet. Israel can learn much from us and we are willing to learn from Israel."
That offer came together with a request for more defensive means to fend off Russia's attacks. "We understand that you have a shortage of aerial defenses but urge Israel to cooperate more closely with us to share your expertise with us in order to save Ukrainian lives. We are fighting the same enemy," the ambassador said.
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יבגן קורניינצ'וק
יבגן קורניינצ'וק
Ukraine's Ambassador Yevgen Korniychuk
(Photo: Nadav Avas)
To make his point Korniychuk asked what was behind the sale of Iranian drones to Russia? "I am sure Russia will supply Iran with the technology to improve its weapons and edge closer to producing a nuclear weapon, which is a direct threat to Israel," he said adding that he believed there is a shift in the outlook of Israel's military and its people, but not in the political leadership. "I have not heard one thing from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu about Russia being a terror state," he said.
Korniychuk said he can see Israelis tire of war after four months although there is no end in sight, noting that his countrymen are suffering the same kind of exhaustion. He said Israel and Ukraine, both in need of military assistance should work in Congress together to ensure its delivery.
"We too have thousands being held hostage in Russia while thousands of Russians have been captured in the war. We've been able to exchange nearly 500 hostages and hope Israel would be successful in releasing its hostages held in Gaza," he said.
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