'They made my daughter their servant,' mother of hostage says

Shira Elbag whose daughter Liri has been held hostage since October 7 says the girls were forced to clean, cook the food which they weren't allowed to eat, and serve on their captors before they were taken into the tunnels 

My daughter was forced to cook and clean for her captors, Shira, the mother of Liri Elbag said on Friday after hearing the testimony of rescued hostages including Noa Argamani.
"The hostages had to clean the yard, cook food that they were not allowed to eat and wash up after the meals," she said. "Liri was in a luxury villa and was allowed to shower after a month in captivity. After 40 days as a hostage, she was taken into the tunnels, where there was only salty water, not much food, no clothes to change into if she wanted to wash hers, including no underwear."
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לירי אלבג
לירי אלבג
Liri Elbag
Although Noa Argamani was not held with Liri Sabag, she recounted the same facts that Shira Sabag had heard from other women who were released in November after 50 or so days of being held hostage in Gaza.
"Since those women returned, another 200 days have past and the hostages have not seen daylight. They have not seen their mothers or fathers. The girls who were released told us how much they missed using the word Mom. I cannot imagine what they are suffering now," she said.
Elbag spoke at a meeting of family members of hostages, with the Forum of Council and City Mayors, where other parents recounted their ordeals over the long months since October 7.
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תיעוד חטיפת התצפיתניות לירי אלבג, קרינה ארייב, אגם ברגר, דניאלה גלבוע ונעמה לוי מבסיס נחל עוז
תיעוד חטיפת התצפיתניות לירי אלבג, קרינה ארייב, אגם ברגר, דניאלה גלבוע ונעמה לוי מבסיס נחל עוז
Israeli female soldiers taken hostage by Hamas on October 7
"The feminine voice is missing in the decision-making forums, Dr. Ayelet Levi-Shahar, the mother of Na'ama Levi, also held hostage, said. "Our daughter has been held for eight months and politicians have moved on with their petty disputes and with complicated international political considerations, all on the backs of the girls. Regardless of how strong they may be, this is crazy."
The gathering ended with a demand that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu send his negotiating team to agree to the terms of the hostage release deal in exchange for a cease-fire.
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