During wartime, Israel tests new missile propulsion system

Watch the test launch: It was scheduled well in advance and was conducted in accordance with procedure, according to the Defense Ministry; Launch left a trail clearly visible from the ground

On Monday morning, the Ministry of Defense announced that Israel conducted a missile propulsion system test from a base in the central region. According to the announcement, the test was pre-scheduled by the defense system and was carried out as planned. View the footage of the trail created in the sky after the launch.
Video of the launch
(Video: Itay Attia, Maor Schpitzer)

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משרד הביטחון: ביצענו שיגור של מערכת הנעה רקטית מבסיס במרכז
משרד הביטחון: ביצענו שיגור של מערכת הנעה רקטית מבסיס במרכז
The trail from the launch
(Photo: Maor Schpitzer)
Several tests of the rocket propulsion system have been conducted in the past from the Palmachim Airbase in central Israel on the Mediterranean coast. In January 2020, a similar test was conducted, as well as one a month earlier. Following that test in January four years ago, aircraft movements from Ben Gurion Airport were diverted.
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