Jeremy Corbyn to join South Africa in claim Israel commits genocide at ICJ

Former Labour leader calls on British government to support South African claim claiming thousands in Gaza are dying of hunger and thirst and blaming Israel for their suffering
Former British Labour leader and long-time Israel critic Jeremy Corby will appear for South Africa before the International Court of Justice in the Hague on Thursday, in Pretoria's claim that Israel is committing genocide in Gaza.
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" Every day, another unspeakable atrocity is committed in Gaza. Millions of people around the world support South Africa's efforts to hold Israel to account. Why can't our government?" Corbyn wrote on X on Monday after speaking in Parliament.
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ג'רמי קורבין, יו"ר מפלגת הלייבור לשעבר. כרגיל, התייצב נגד ישראל ובעד הפלסטינים
ג'רמי קורבין, יו"ר מפלגת הלייבור לשעבר. כרגיל, התייצב נגד ישראל ובעד הפלסטינים
Jeremy Corbyn at a pro Palestinian rally
(Photo: Susannah Ireland / Reuters)
He said thousands were dying of hunger and thirst in Gaza and that many are pleased that the South African government is going to the court in the Hague to hold Israel to account.

His views condemning Israel have been well known and expressed often.
In an interview with Piers Morgan last November, Corbyn was asked no less than 15 times whether he would describe Hamas as terrorists as refused to do so.
In a subsequent article in the leftwing Tribune magazine, he did say Hamas was a terrorist group but added that Israel was committing acts of terror as well.
“If we understand terrorism to describe the indiscriminate killing of civilians, in breach of international law, then of course Hamas is a terrorist group.
During his tenure as leader of the Labour Party Corbyn came under attack for repeated antisemitism expressed by him and by his political allies. After a scathing report on antisemitism in the party came out in 2020, he said in a post, " One anti-Semite is one too many, but the scale of the problem was also dramatically overstated for political reasons by our opponents inside and outside the party, as well as by much of the media.” He was then suspended from the party.
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