IDF lone soldier who left Gaza surprises parents on stage at Paris synagogue event

During a gathering at a synagogue in Paris, the parents of Eli Mamo were called to the stage; As a video featuring their son started playing, the soldier made an unexpected appearance on stage, catching his parents completely by surprise

Itamar Eichner, Paris|
At a celebratory gathering in the Grand Synagogue of Paris, a surprise awaited a pair of French residents. Their son, an IDF soldier who had been battling Hamas terrorists in Gaza over the recent months, had unexpectedly exited the war zone.
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אלי ממו והוריו ליד הזמר יונתן רזאל
אלי ממו והוריו ליד הזמר יונתן רזאל
Surprising his parents
(Photo: Itamar Eichner)
The heartwarming reunion took place during the launch of a project attended by the Minister of Immigration and Absorption, Eli Sofer. The initiative is designed to have experienced French immigrants guide new immigrants from the country.
As the event was in full swing, the parents of the soldier, Eli Mamo, were invited onto the stage. A video about their son was shown with live music in the background, and as it concluded and Israeli singer Yonatan Razel started his performance, a door abruptly swung open. The soldier, clad in his uniform, strode onto the stage. He embraced his parents, who were overcome with emotion and broke down in tears. The crowd, waving Israeli flags, cheered in the background.
Having already engaged in operational activities in both Hebron and Gaza, Mamo is slated to return to Israel and resume his military duties.
His parents, Yitzhak and Sabine Sarah Mamo, were overwhelmed. "It's beyond words," said one parent. "I felt like I was about to pass out. This is such a wonderful surprise after the challenging year we've endured. We couldn't have dreamt this was possible. We're so thrilled and we couldn't hold back our tears."
The soldier's mother confided: "I haven't had a good night's sleep since the war started. When Eli left for Israel, it hit me hard. The war had me constantly worried. Seeing him now, I'm just so relieved and happy."
Prior to the emotional event at the synagogue, the Ministry of Immigration and Absorption together with Nefesh Ban Nefesh and the Jewish Agency, held a jobs fair for medical professionals who want to make aliyah and work in Israel. One of the Ministry of Immigration and Absorption advisors, Helen Weil, an occupational psychologist, landed in Paris and was immediately informed that her son, a soldier in the Egoz unit, had been seriously injured in Gaza. She immediately returned to Israel and did not participate in the event. Her son, Sergeant First Class Sivan Weil, 20, died of injuries on Sunday.
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