Security forces arrest Palestinian suspect in murder of Israeli teen

Ahmad Duabsha, 21, from West Bank Palestinian village of Duma, links himself during interrogation to murder of Binyamin Achimeir, 14, near Malachei Hashalom Farm

Security forces Sunday night arrested the Palestinian terrorist responsible for the murder of 14-year-old Binyamin Achimeir in a terror attack near Malachei Hashalom Farm earlier this month.
He was identified as Ahmad Duabsha, 21, from the West Bank Palestinian village of Duma. A significant breakthrough in the investigation occurred over the last day, leading to a raid on the village and the arrest of the suspect, who was transferred for further interrogation by the Shin Bet.
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כפר דומא
כפר דומא
Binyamin Achimeir
(Photo: Shaul Golan)
On April 12, Achimeir, a shepherd, went missing after leaving the settlement to tend to the sheep. He was reported missing after the herd returned to the farm without him. His body was located the next day by security forces using a drone. Alongside him were found his personal belongings, as well as additional items taken for investigation, including the murder weapon.
Malachei Hashalom is one of many agricultural farms recently established on state lands in the Israeli-administered Area C of the West Bank. Young people on the farms herd in areas adjacent to Palestinian villages and towns, usually alone with just a cell phone. The shepherds return after the grazing hours and occasionally, the flock returns without its shepherd.
Achimeir was unarmed when he left with his herd. Malachei Hashalom is a settlement located between the villages of Al Mughayyir and Duma, turning the area into a recurring flashpoint for settler-Palestinian clashes.
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