Swedish police once again approve BIble burning outside Israeli embassy

Woman says stunt come as protest for 'systematic violations of children's rights in Sweden'; 'Measures should be taken to avoid such pointless provocations from happening again,' says Israeli envoy
Stockholm Police on Thursday approved a demonstration scheduled to take place the next day outside the Israeli embassy in the city, during which organizers are planning to burn a Torah scroll.
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A spokesperson for the Stockholm Police stated that they are in contact with the organizers of the demonstration and the Israeli embassy.
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The woman behind the protest justified her request to demonstrate in front of the Israeli embassy, stating that she wants to protest against "systematic violations of children's rights in Sweden."
Israel's ambassador to Sweden Nevo Kulman said, "I strongly condemn the burning of the holy scriptures and hope that this shameful act will be prevented. Measures should be taken to avoid such pointless provocations from happening again."
Rabbi Shmuel Rabinowitz, rabbi of the Western Wall and holy sites, said, "I am shocked and horrified after the Stockholm police approved for the second time to burn a Bible book. In the face of these heinous acts, the Swedish authorities stand weakly, murmuring empty words about freedom that are diminished in the face of such terrible actions - both those committed and those yet to come. This is not what freedom looks like; this is what the loss of a moral compass looks like.
I call upon the Swedish authorities and all those who hold dear the freedom of expression - it is not too late. I am not pleading for the sake of the sacred scriptures. They have been burned countless times by enemies of the Jews, yet no force in the world could destroy them. I am asking for your sake, for the sake of your souls and your culture. Extinguish the fire."
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מול שגרירות ישראל בשבדיה: נערכים להצית ספר תורה
מול שגרירות ישראל בשבדיה: נערכים להצית ספר תורה
Ahmed Alloush in front of the Israeli embassy in Stockholm
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Earlier this month, Stockholm Police approved the burning of the Quran, which sparked outrage throughout the Muslim world. A week later, police approved a Torah burning in front of the Israeli embassy, but Ahmed Alloush, the activist who requested the permit, backed off the idea.
Swedish police approved Alloush’s request "so that the applicant can express his opinions," a move that was condemned by Israeli leaders, senior officials in Israel and rabbis. Alloush arrived with a bag containing a Quran and a lighter, but didn’t burn any books during the gathering.
In front of the Israeli embassy, Alloush explained that he wanted to ensure that Swedish authorities weren’t selectively enforcing laws regarding the burning of religious texts, referring to the Quran burning incident.
"It’s not antisemitic or a hate crime," he said to those present. Swedish police said they didn’t inquire into Alloush’s possible motives due to Sweden’s right to free speech.
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