Hezbollah launches rockets, drones at Galilee

Rocket lands in border town causing damage, fire, while Iran-backed terror group claims responsibility for drone strike on Metula; Arab media says military base in Safed also hit hours after IDF kills 4 in targeted attack near Tyre

Rocket lands in Shlomi, causing damage, fire

Hezbollah on Thursday targeted northern Israel with attack drones and rocket fire with at least one rocket landing in the border town of Shlomi in the Western Galilee, causing a brush fire.
"The rocket fell not 50 meters from houses," a local resident said. "The mountain was on fire and the blast was felt in near-by homes." Windows shattered but no injuries were reported in the attack.
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נפילה בסמוך לשלומי
נפילה בסמוך לשלומי
rocket lands in Shlomi
(Photo: Amir Yarhi)
Hezbollah said it had struck Metula in the Upper Galilee with a suicide drone while Lebanese and Saudi media said a military base in Safed was also hit. Intercepts were seen in the sky over the city.
The IDF said two drones were intercepted before crossing the border from Lebanon. Strikes were carried out during the day, targeting Hezbollah infrastructure.
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תיעוד מהיירוטים בשמי הצפון
תיעוד מהיירוטים בשמי הצפון
Homes damaged in blast when rocket lands in Shlomi
The military also said at least five Hezbollah terrorists were killed in IDF attacks, four of them reportedly died in a targeted attack on a car near the coastal city of Tyre. Eye witnesses told reporters that more than one missile was fired in the attack.
According to the IDF since Sunday, forces attacked some 75 Hezbollah targets, 20 of them on Wednesday alone.
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