1 in 4 Israeli teens get anti-Israel comments online, study

Study conducted by Anti-Defamation League and the Konrad Adenauer Foundation finds 81% of those asked say they experience antisemitism online; overwhelming majority able to distinguish between criticism of the State of Israel and antisemitic statements.
More than one in four Israeli teens have been the target of derogatory comments because they are Jewish, and about half of the victims experienced these attacks on social networks, according to a new survey released by the Anti-Defamation League and the Konrad Adenauer Foundation.
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  • The survey revealed alarming data on the extent to which Israeli teenagers are exposed to antisemitism on the Internet and social networks, including the fact that 81% of young Israelis have experienced antisemitism online.
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    אפליקציית טיקטוק
    אפליקציית טיקטוק
    (Photo: AP)
    According to the study, 71% have been confronted with antisemitism by multiple people on social networks, 66% have been exposed to pages with antisemitic content, 65% have come across songs or videos with antisemitic content and 30% have come across entire websites dedicated to antisemitic content.
    Israeli teenagers were asked about their attitudes toward criticism of the State of Israel. The results showed that an overwhelming majority of them are able to distinguish between criticism of the State of Israel or government policies and other antisemitic statements.
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    מחשב גלישה רשת אינטרנט אילוס אילוסטרציה מקלדת
    מחשב גלישה רשת אינטרנט אילוס אילוסטרציה מקלדת
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    According to the results, 80% of youth said that boycotting Israel constitutes antisemitism and 88% said that denying Israel’s existence constitutes antisemitism.
    In addition, roughly 88% said that publishing conspiracy theories about the intentions or actions of Israel or "Zionists" to control the world is antisemitism. However, only 29% of youth consider criticizing the State of Israel to be antisemitism.
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