After release from Gaza, child hostages make waves on TikTok

Some of the released teenagers have been sharing videos on the popular social media platform in recent days, trying to maintain a sense of humor even though some of their parents are still in Hamas captivity

For weeks, we've all yearned for the return of the kidnapped children — imagining the first embrace with their families, the first Shabbat back home, and that moment when they indulge in their favorite meals again. However, perhaps none of us envisioned their first TikTok video.
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Several of the kidnapped teenagers from communities near Gaza, who were released last week, have chosen to share snippets of their lives, albeit sparingly, on the platform that resonates most naturally with them—TikTok.
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Released Alma Or dancing with her friend in a TikTok video
Released Alma Or dancing with her friend in a TikTok video
Released Alma Or dancing with her friend in a TikTok video
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Alma Or, 13, who was released at the 2nd phase of the hostage release along with her brother Noam, 17, posted a TikTok video with her friend with the caption: "Roses are red, this trend may be stale, but I just got out of Hamas jail."
Naom, Alma's brother, chose to stay updated on the latest trends and captioned a video he uploaded, "Get me a bit involved here in TikTok about trends." In the video itself, he expressed gratitude for the concern and kind words, sharing that he is beginning to return to normal life.
@noam_or2 ותכניסו אותי קצת לעניינים פה בטיקטוק על טרנדים #אהודמהטיקטוק #פוריו #עוטף_עזה #קיבוץבארי ♬ צליל מקורי - noam_or2
The mother of Naom and Alma, Yonat, was murdered in their home in Kibbutz Be'eri on October 7, while their father, Dror, remains in Hamas captivity.
Even Ofer, the father of Saar Kalderon, remains in captivity as his children Saar and Erez return home to their mother Hadas. Saar, 16, posted a TikTok video using audio from the popular series "Gossip Girl," saying, "Welcome back queen Serena." In the caption, she wrote, "The sound that played in my head the moment I returned home from captivity."
Gali Tarshansky, 13, also uploaded videos on TikTok, and on Sunday she posted a video with the caption: "When people tell me it's too expensive, but I can get everything for free." In the description, she added: "Life is sweet when we return #GazaLand."
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