IDF reports rockets fired at Israel from Gaza humanitarian zone

Army's Arabic spokesperson posts aerial view of humanitarian zone in Gaza Hamas used to fire rockets into central Israel; 'further proof Hamas exploits aid,' he writes
IDF Arabic spokesperson Lt. Col. Avichay Adraee reported Saturday that rockets fired toward central Israel the day before were launched from a humanitarian zone in Gaza.
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"Hamas continues to fire rockets from the humanitarian zone toward Israel!" Adraee wrote on his official X (formerly Twitter) account, attaching an aerial overview of the area to support his statement. "This is further proof that Hamas exploits the humanitarian aid provided by the IDF to Gaza residents for terrorist activities."
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צה"ל חשף: המטח אמש לגוש דן - שוגר מהאזור ההומניטרי
צה"ל חשף: המטח אמש לגוש דן - שוגר מהאזור ההומניטרי
Aerial view of humanitarian zone in Gaza
(Photo: IDF Spokesperson's Unit)
Adraee also mentioned that on Friday, "Hamas terrorists fired rockets, at 13:56 and then at 14:16, four rockets from the humanitarian zone, which fell inside the Strip, endangering the lives of many Gazan civilians."
Additionally, the IDF revealed last week that Hamas launched 12 rockets toward Be’er Sheva from launching pads located not far from the humanitarian zone in Rafah near a UN facility. "@UN, hear a loud noise yesterday?” The IDF’s X account wrote shortly after the report. "That was the sound of 12 Hamas rockets launched toward Israeli civilians in southern Israel. Hamas is the enemy of humanity and makes itself a threat to the entire world.”
The military also added that Hamas launched a rocket last Wednesday at 12:52 pm from a humanitarian zone in Al-Mawasi in the southern Gaza Strip which fell short and exploded inside the coastal enclave, endangering Gazan residents. At 14:12, Hamas launched another rocket from the Al-Mawasi area.
Earlier on Saturday, the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit published footage of military equipment found in civilian areas in the Gaza Strip. In the video, soldiers discovered a children's doll inside a northern Gaza school, where they also found a hidden sniper rifle and ammunition.
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