Hostage forced to praise captivity conditions in Hamas propaganda clip

In highly produced video depicting her release, Mia Schem compelled to describe captors as good and kind, contrasting with accounts from other freed captives who report harsh conditions, lack of food, basic sanitation and medicine

The Hamas terror group posted a video overnight showing the released hostage Mia Schem praising the conditions of her captivity. She was made to say that people were good and kind and the food was good.
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Other hostages who were freed by Hamas were told to wave at the cameras and smile as they were transferred to the Red Cross despite leaving members of their families behind.
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ציניות ואכזריות עד הרגע האחרון. מייה שם, רגע לפני שהועברה לצלב האדום
ציניות ואכזריות עד הרגע האחרון. מייה שם, רגע לפני שהועברה לצלב האדום
Mia Schem in a Hamas video of her release on Thursday
The Gaza-ruling terrorists have been filming and posting the release of hostages in staged clips filmed in controlled sets with lighting from multiple camera angles to portray themselves as a well-organized, humanitarian army.
Their efforts come in contrast to testimonies from other freed hostages who reported suffering from hunger, being kept underground and not being exposed to sunlight for extended periods and being deprived of basic medicine, sanitation and comforts.
During their prolonged captivity, children were made to speak in whispers. Thomas Hand recounted how he had to lean in close to his daughter, 9-year-old Emily, to hear her. Emily shared with her father that she believed he had also been taken hostage.
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שחרור החטופות מהשבי בעזה
שחרור החטופות מהשבי בעזה
Hamas produced video of hostage release
(Photo: Reuters)
The captured children were also forbidden at gunpoint to cry and some were forced to view the filmed horrors of the October 7 massacre, as 12-year-old Eitan Yahalomi who was kept in seclusion for 16 days before being moved to where others were being held. The young boy also said he was beaten by Gazan civilians as he was taken into the Strip.
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