An Israeli sold drugs to an undercover agent at a music festival in Hungary - and was arrested

A 30-year-old Israeli citizen was arrested by Hungarian police when he sold drugs to revelers during the Sziget Festival in Budapest, which attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world; the incident is being handled by the Israeli consul in Budapest and the department for Israelis abroad of the Foreign Ministry

Police in Hungary arrested a 30-year-old Israeli citizen on suspicion of selling drugs to revelers at the Sziget Festival in the city of Budapest. The Israeli was arrested by the police while selling drugs to an undercover agent. The Israeli consul in Budapest is handling the incident.
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"An Israeli citizen of about 30 years old was arrested in Hungary. The incident is known and being handled by the Israeli consul in Budapest and the department for Israelis abroad. The consul is in contact with his family members," the Foreign Ministry said in a statement.
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פסטיבל המוזיקה סיגט בבודפשט, הונגריה
פסטיבל המוזיקה סיגט בבודפשט, הונגריה
An Israeli citizen was arrested for selling drugs at the Sziget Festival, the biggest cultural event in Hungary
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The Sziget Festival, the biggest cultural event in Hungary, attracts thousands of tourists each year, including many Israelis. This year's line up includes Imagine Dragons, David Guetta, Lourde, Billie Eilish and many more.
The festival made headlines in Israel last year when members of the Spanish band Tribade recorded themselves defacing the Israeli flag during one of the shows. To the tune of one of the band's songs, the duo wrote the words "Free Palestine" on the flag, then drew a male genitalia and added the words "Eat This." The video was posted on the band's social media pages. The festival was quick to condemn the musicians, saying in a statement that: "The band's actions are against our values of acceptance and respect."
On Monday, the Foreign Ministry confirmed that an Israeli national has been detained in Turkey for over a week after he was arrested at Antalya Airport. According to the man’s family, a decorative bell he purchased at a local market was found in his backpack, which Turkish authorities argue is an ancient historical artifact the man attempted to smuggle out of the country.
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