Israeli teachers offered anti-LGBTQ content in Education Ministry-affiliated conference

Education Ministry says the content of the conference was not approved by the relevant authorities; LGBTQ social activists claim teachers would be paid for recognized training on murderous hatred that leads to the deaths of innocent girls and boys

Tamar Trabelsi Hadad|Updated:
A conference for teachers in religious public schools, scheduled to take place next week, and is recognized as payable training hours by the Education Ministry, published its schedule including lecturers on conversion therapies for LGBTQ+, the role of educators in dealing with homosexual tendencies, and the dangers of trans ideology.
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The Education Ministry said in response to press reports, that "the content of the conference was not approved by the relevant authorities in the ministry. When the mistake was discovered, it was made clear that until a review of the content was complete, the ministry will not recognize or pay for the teacher's attendance," the ministry said.
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מצעד הגאווה בירושלים
מצעד הגאווה בירושלים
Jerusalem Pride Parade
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However, the organization of the "Even Yisrael conference dismissed the criticism, stating that it is a professional training conference targeted at educators in the religious sector, addressing burning and current issues.
"In previous years, the conference was approved by the Education Ministry for the purpose of payment for professional training. This year, we operated in the same manner, received preliminary approval, and published the event with the understanding that final approval would be granted," conference organizers said. "Unfortunately, following the media coverage, our request was rejected, and we will not include the same content in future conferences. We will continue to speak freely and fight for our right to express our opinions everywhere - we will not be silenced," the organizers said. But the ministry claimed the previous years' event did not include similar content.
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מצעד הגאווה בטיילת בתל אביב
מצעד הגאווה בטיילת בתל אביב
Israel's recent Pride Parade in Tel Aviv
(Photo: Dana Kopel)
This year's event will feature in the keynote address, a rabbi who sends religious boys to conversion therapy. He will then lead a panel on the role of educators in dealing with "flipped identity"
Rom Ohayon, the CEO of Israel Gay Youth (IGY) NGO, that "it is good that the ministry clarifies that this outrageous and hate-filled conference is not taking place with its approval, and it will not bear responsibility for it. We will do everything possible to stop this event from happening and to make it clear to the Israeli public that there is no knowledge or substance behind it—only murderous hatred that leads to the deaths of innocent girls and boys. The organizers of this abhorrent conference have blood on their hands."
First published: 20:16, 06.15.23
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