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Arnon Milchan
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Milchan's attorney heads off bribery allegations
While investigators are still debating on whether to prosecute Arnon Milchan for purportedly bribing Netanyahu, his lawyer attempts to nip suspicions in the bud, claiming the billionaire acted as he did on account of his years-long friendship with the prime minister.

For the first time since Arnon Milchan became embroiled in Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's illicit gifts affair, otherwise known as Case 1,000, the billionaire's attorney is detailing his client's version of events in an attempt to head of potential bribery charges laid against him.



"From Milchan's perspective, Case 1,000 is not a bribery case," said attorney Boaz Ben Zur, asserting his client never even imagined such claim could be made against him considering the long years of friendship between him and Netanyahu."


Milchan (L) and Netanyahu (Photo: Reuters, EPA)
Milchan (L) and Netanyahu (Photo: Reuters, EPA)


"When talking about bribery, it must be shown that a favor or gift has been specifically given for an action related to the role of the public servant," he emphasized, claiming such allegation cannot be made in this case, reiterating that neither Milchan nor Netanyahu saw the gifts given to the premier by the businessman as anything more than just that.


While he did not deny the oddity of Netanyahu specifically asking for gifts to be made to him and his wife Sara, Ben Zur noted there was nothing illegal or corrupt about it.


Ben Zur went on to deny rumors that Milchan requested immunity from self incrimination for his testimony, as "there was no need to ask for such immunity,"


Police suspect Netanyahu interfered in matters relating to Milchan's business interests, particularly his partial ownership of Channel 10, and tried to help him get a long-term visa to the US in return for the alleged gifts he received over the years.


"Between Milchan and Netanyahu there was a connection of friendship that began many years ago," Ben Zur noted, hinting at the supposed absurdity of the police's suspicion: "(Milchan) did not give gifts (to Netanyahu) and expected that he would need help with his visa years later."


While Ben Zur would be hard-pressed to explain a scenario in which Netanyahu is indicted on bribery charges while Milchan is not, he said there is no pressure on him to do so as, in his opinion, "the chance that Netanyahu will be indicted for bribery is very, very low."


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