X introduces video and audio calls for non-subscribers

Feature will be available for free to non-paying X users as Musk hints at challenger to dominance of Google's Gmail and Microsoft's Outlook
X will start providing video and voice calls to all users on the platform, as these features, announced last year, were initially reserved for paid subscribers (blue checkmarks) first on the iPhone app and later on the Android app.
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According to Engadget, Elon Musk promised earlier this year that the feature would be available to all users, even non-paying ones, once the engineering team decides everything is working as expected.
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אילון מאסק והלוגו החדש
אילון מאסק והלוגו החדש
Elon Musk
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"The only condition for using this capability is that the callers must have been in contact at least once. It is possible to receive calls from our followers, and this feature is activated by default in the update. Of course, it's also possible to allow calls from anyone, premium subscribers only, or only from people on the contact list. This feature directly challenges WhatsApp, Telegram, and other video chat applications like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Google Meet."
Beyond the ability to make contact through calls or video, it seems Musk is working on another new feature that poses a threat to another company - Google.
In a tweet posted by an engineer at X, asking, "When are we doing XMail?" Musk replied in his typical fashion, saying "It's coming." Needless to say, the post sparked a lot of interest with several thousand likes.
It's reasonable to assume that this move is on its way. The addition of an email service will turn X into a communication platform in addition to being a social network - a fusion of WhatsApp and Facebook if you will. This move primarily threatens Google and its Gmail service with 1.8 billion users.
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